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New Year's prayer and

meditation for peace

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The Institute for World Peace through Prayer and Meditation organized a world-wide prayer and meditation effort. They attempted to synchronize the effort of over a billion people who are willing to pray or meditate for a half hour starting at 11:45 on 1998-DEC-31, Eastern (New York) time. This translates to 05:00 hr. on JAN-5, U.T. They have the same goal for future New Years Eves.

From their news release:

"Many of the great religions of the world believe that when groups of people come together to pray and meditate it has a powerful, positive and cohesive affect on the environment.

All of us are too aware that we live in troubled times - from crime in our neighborhoods to the breakup of many families to tension in the family of Nations. Too often we feel helpless - that we do not possess the tools or the talents to solve these problems.

Here is a wonderful opportunity for us all to come together for the greater good for ourselves, our families, our nation, and for all life on this planet."

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The institute suggests the following:

The following is a sample prayer but please feel free to create your own prayer as an individual or as a family or pick a prayer that you find personally meaningful.

How to Create a Prayer:

A prayer starts with Praise toward the Creator of the Universe.

Now is the time to ask the Creator of the Universe for what is important to you, your family, your nation and the world.

Next, it is good to give thanks to the Creator of the Universe.

Finally, give Praise to the Creator of the Universe.

Sample Prayer:

Dear God-

Praised are You who created the universe.

Thank You for giving me and my family life. Thank You Dear God for creating such glorious beauty in this world and thank You for giving me the ability to appreciate Your creation.

Please Dear God, I humbly ask You to shine Your love on me, my family and all people and may Your love bring perfect holiness, perfect health and peace, peace in my heart and soul, peace in my family, peace in my nation, and peace in the entire world.

Please Dear God, help me to know my highest purpose and to realize total success. Please grant me wisdom in order to best serve You here on earth.

Please Dear God, forgive me for my shortcomings in the past and help me to walk in Your ways from this day forward.

Thank You God for hearing my prayer and for giving me and all life, holiness, perfect health, peace, wisdom, success, and forgiveness.

Praise You Dear God who loves His creation and brings peace, love and holiness to all life.

May peace prevail on Earth.



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The Institute for World Peace through Prayer and Meditation is located in Seattle, WA:

President: Robert Max Schoenfeld.
Address: PO Box 18499, Seattle, WA 98118, USA
Phone: 206-721-1800
FAX: 206-721-3200

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