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Female leadership in the Christian Scriptures (New Testament)

You Tube videos about the role of women
in church. All views are biblically based.

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We selected the following videos from You Tube because they clearly cover the arguments in favor of the inclusion and the exclusion of women from the clergy.

We did not specifically select videos from women to represent one side and from men to explain the other. However, it did not surprise us that it turned out that way.

It is important to understand that Christianity is based on:

  • The contents of the Bible,
  • The culture in which the Bible was written, and
  • The biases that present-day interpreters of the Bible might have.

We strongly recommend that you watch at least one video from each side. It is our opinion that:

  • A person is only fully informed of their own beliefs if they first know what persons from the other side believe.
  • It is helpful to know why the other side believes as they do.
  • If you are going to enter into debate, dialogue, or discussion with people who hold beliefs different from yours, it is helpful to know their reasoning.

If everyone acquainted themselves with views from "the other side," then North America would not be so hopelessly fractured over topics like same-sex marriage, abortion access, equal rights for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender persons and transsexuals. Also, we would not have as many people believing that all Muslims are terrorists, all Atheists are immoral and unethical, and all Witches worship Satan.

I will now pack up my soap box for another day.

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Robin Jones: "One In Christ - Should Women be Silent in Church?"

"Jesus said we have one instructor, the Messiah. But traditional church teaching has been that men should instruct women and that women should be silent in church. This you tube attempts to explain why Paul's difficult passages in 1 Corinthians and 1 Timothy should not be taken at face value and made into rules for all women for all time. It examines what is 'also written'."

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Pastor Melissa Scott: "Women Speaking in the Church" Parts 1 & 2:

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John MacArthur: "[Does the] Bible Permit Women Pastors in the Church?"

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Brotha Minister: "Women pastors -- unbiblical:" Parts 1 & 2:

"Warning to women pastors and men who agree with it. Repent or be removed. [A] challenge to ohio valley pastors.

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Original posting: 2011-SEP-05
Latest update: 2011-SEP-05
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