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Where possible, we link to the English version of these web sites.

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A major directory of Orthodox sites:

bulletOrthodox Christianity.ru at: http://www.orthodoxlinks.info/

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Official church sites in North America:

bulletStanding Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas: http://www.scoba.us/
bulletOrthodox Church in America: http://www.oca.org/
bulletAmerican Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the USA: http://www.acrod.org/
bulletAntiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of America: http://www.antiochian.org/
bulletGreek Orthodox Archdiocese of America: http://www.goarch.org/
bulletRomanian Orthodox Archdiocese in America and Canada: http://www.romarch.org/
bulletThe Ukranian Orthodox Church of the U.S.A.: http://www.uocofusa.org/
bulletThe Ukranian Orthodox Church of Canada: http://www.uocc.ca/

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Official church sites elsewhere in the world:

bulletPatriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa: http://www.greece.org/
bulletGreek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and all the East: http://www.antiochpat.org/
bulletOrthodox Archdiocese of Beirut: http://www.quartos.org.lb/
bulletPatriarchate of Constantinople: http://www.ec-patr.gr/
bulletThe Coptic Orthodox Church: http://www.copticchurch.net/
bulletOrthodox Church of Finland: http://www.ort.fi/
bulletThe Church of Greece: http://www.ecclesia.gr/
bulletThe Greek Orthodox Church in Great Britain: http://www.nostos.com/church/
bulletOrthodox Metropolitante of Hong Kong and South East Asia: http://www.cs.ust.hk/
bulletOrthodox Church in Japan: http://www2.gol.com/
bulletThe Orthodox Metropolis of Korea: http://orthodox.or.kr/
bulletRussian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow: http://www.russian-orthodox-church.org.ru/
bulletRussian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia: http://www.russianorthodoxchurch.ws/
bulletHoly Archdiocese of New Zealand, Exarchate of Oceania: http://www.imnz.org.nz/
bulletThe Serbian Orthodox Church: http://www.spc.org.yu/

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Information sites:

bulletChristian Orthodoxy for Inquirers and Converts: http://www.orthodoxconvert.info/
bulletCopts.com is an association focusing world attention on the discrimination, human rights violations and mass murders of Copts in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East: http://www.copts.net/
bulletDirections to Orthodoxy's purpose is to "...advance the discussion about evangelization, mission and outreach efforts of the Orthodox Church: http://directionstoorthodoxy.org/
bulletEastern Orthodox Forums for the exchange of views on topics like theology, doctrine, evangelizations, politics, etc: http://www.orthodoxforum.com/
bulletGreek Orthodox calendar: http://www.goarch.org/
bulletInternational Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) "Helping others help themselves:" http://www.iocc.org/ 
bulletHartford Institute for Religion Research's web site presents summaries of the Institute's religious research: http://hirr.hartsem.edu/
bulletHistory of the Orthodox Church by the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren: http://www.kosovo.com/
bulletLiturgical calendar of the Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of North America : http://www.antiochian.org/
bulletOrthodox Advices contains essays dealing with topics as diverse as the Devil, abortion, Harry Potter, evolution, etc: http://www.sfaturiortodoxe.ro/
bulletOrthodox Center for the Advancement of Biblical Studies (OCABS) was founded "...to develop, promote and publish research in the areas of biblical studies, homiletics and religious education in the Orthodox Christian Faith:" http://ocabs.org/
bulletOrthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a pan-Orthodox campus ministry organization that supports Orthodox fellowships on college campuses: http://www.ocf.net/
bulletOrthodox Christian Laity is working to implement conversion of the Greek Orthodox liturgy to English and create an indigenous American Orthodox faith: http://ocl.org/
bulletOrthodox Christian Mission Center (CMC) encourages, supports, and facilitates "...the establishment and development of self-supporting, Eucharistic Orthodox Christian communities worldwide:" http://ocmc.org/
bulletOrthodox Christian Net is a web hosting and development service for Orthodox webmasters: http://www.orthodoxchristian.net/
bulletOrthodox Christianity: "Teaching the truth since 33 AD:" http://www.troparia.com/
bulletOrthodox Church and Bible Study Links has an impressive array of essays on the Orthodox faith: http://aggreen.net/
bulletOrthodox Speakers Bureau matches "...Orthodox Christian speakers and artists with churches, schools, services groups and other organizations...:"  http://www.orthodoxspeakers.com/
bulletOrthodox Village promotes the idea of a rural intentional community for Orthodox Christians: http://www.orthodoxvillage.com/
bulletOrthodoxWiki is "...a free-content encyclopedia and information center for Orthodox Christianity:" http://www.orthodoxwiki.org/
bulletOrthodox World is an information site created by Orthodox Russians for Western readers: http://www.orthodoxworld.ru/
bulletOrthodoxy in America has an online directory of churches: http://orthodoxyinamerica.org/
bulletOrthodoxy Today comments on social and moral issues of the day with an emphasis on abortion access: http://www.orthodoxytoday.org/
bulletShare the Faith, a service of KIKA Ministries. It is a "...Pan-Orthodox Association of Orthodox clergy and laity dedicated to leading people to Orthodoxy, and raising monies to supplement Orthodox clergy who serve very small or needy parishes: http://www.sharethefaith.net/
bulletPsalms' mission is to build "...a community of Orthodox church musicians, clergy, and others interested in Orthodox sacred music:" http://www.orthodoxpsalm.org/
bulletSt. Pachomius Library has "a first draft for a living encyclopædia of Orthodox Christianity:" http://www.voskrese.info/spl/
bulletSyndesmos, the World Fellowship of Orthodox Youth is "...a federation of Orthodox youth movements and theological schools around the world:" http://www.syndesmos.org/
bulletTheoLogic Systems develops software solutions for Orthodox churches: http://www.theologic.com/
bulletWestern Orthodoxy web site contains a wealth of essays on Orthodox history, doctrine, etc: http://www.westernorthodox.com/

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Orthodox media:

bulletInternet radio and TV broadcasters:
bullet This is an "Internet-based Orthodox radio [of] timeless Christianity, 24 hours a day" Featured programs are The Peal of the Bells, and Our life in Christhttp://www.ancientfaithradio.com/
bulletIncarnation Broadcast Network is another 24 hour Internet broadcast: http://inbn.net/
bulletOrthodox TV and Radio offers a paid subscription service for audio and video Orthodox material: http://www.orthodox.tv/
bulletRadio programs:
bullet"Come receive the light" is a syndicated Orthodox radio program hosted by Rev. Dr. Christopher T. Metropulos: http://www.receive.org/
bullet"Our life in Christ" is ah hour-long program heard on Ancient Faith Radio and available via podcasting and online: http://www.ourlifeinchrist.com/  
bulletNews services:
bullet Orthodox Christian News: http://www.orthodoxnews.com/ A membership is required, which is free.

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Books, journals, and magazines:

bulletIndividual books: The Saint Pachomius Library recommends the following books for enquirers into the Orthodox faith:
bulletAnthony of Sourozh, "God and Man: The Theological Poetry of St. Gregory of Nazianzus," St. Vladimir's Seminary Press (Reprint 1997). Read reviews or order this book safely from Amazon.com online book store
bulletVladimir Lossky, "The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church," St. Vladimir's Seminary Press (1997). Read reviews or order this book
bulletAlexander Schmemann, "The Eucharist: Sacrament of the Kingdom," St Vladimirs Seminary Press, (1989). Read reviews or order this book
bulletChrestos Giannaras & Christos Yannaras, "Elements of Faith: An Introduction to Orthodox Theology," T. & T. Clark Publishers, Ltd. (1991). Read reviews or order this book
bulletBook sellers:
bulletOrthodox Books Online: http://orthodoxbooksonline.com/
bulletHoly Cross Bookstore: http://store.holycrossbookstore.com/
bulletSt. Tikhon's Bookstore: http://stspress.com/
bulletBook publishers:
bulletConciliar Press: http://www.conciliarpress.com/
bulletHoly Cross Orthodox Press: http://www.hchc.edu/
bulletLight and Life Publishing: http://light-n-life.com/
bulletOrthodox Witness: http://www.orthodoxwitness.org/ (Scroll to page bottom)
bulletSt. Vladimir's Seminary Press: http://svspress.com/
bullet"Again:" "...the definitive source for lively reflections on the Orthodox experience" for over a quarter century: http://www.conciliarpress.com/
bullet"The Handmaiden:" "...a quarterly journal that provides a vital, vibrant community for Orthodox Christian women:" http://www.conciliarpress.com/
bulletTouchstone is a "...Christian journal, conservative in doctrine and eclectic in content, with editors and readers from each of the three great divisions of Christendom — Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox:" http://www.touchstonemag.com/
bulletThe Greek Orthodox Theological Review is published quarterly by the School of Theology faculty at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology: http://www.hchc.edu/

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Books from the Amazon.com data base:

Amazon.com is the world's largest online bookstore. The following books were found by searching their data base for "Orthodox Christian." Unfortunately, the term "Orthodox" has multiple meanings, so not all of these will refer to the Orthodox Churches.

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Latest update: 2006-FEB-05
Author: B.A. Robinson

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