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Religions of the world


Main topics

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As of 2014-SEP, half-way through our 19th year online, this web site contained about 7,200 essays and menus. It continues to grow by about one essay per day.

We recommend the following essays as being among the most important on this site. Many deal with topics that are not covered in schools, churches, the media or religious education courses. Many are covered elsewhere in the Internet, but are mixed in with heaps of misinformation and disinformation.

This web site is one of the few locations on the Internet where you can see all viewpoints on each topic. Most religious web sites only promote the belief system of the webmaster(s) or the site sponsor. We are a multi-faith group and thus try to describe all beliefs fairly and accurately.

bulletKey essays:
bulletAbsolute morality
bulletAbsolute truth
bulletWhich is the "true" religion?
bulletWhere religions came from
bulletThe importance of religious doubt

bulletBad stuff:
bulletIntroduction, and a possible cause of, religious hatred, conflict, etc.
bulletReligiously motivated hatred, animosity and intolerance
bulletReligiously motivated conflict, oppression, discrimination, etc.
bulletReligiously motivated violence, murder, mass murder & genocide
bulletWars, mass murders, genocides, etc. at least partly motivated by religion
bullet9/11 terrorism

bulletHow religions established, changed, and continue to change their teachings on slavery, the role of women, sexual orientation, etc.
bulletReligious tolerance: what it isn't and what it is

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bullet World religions:
bullet World religions  Asatru to Zorastrianism including Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Wicca, etc.
bullet Other belief systems, spiritual paths, ethical systems, etc. including Agnosticism, Atheism, Humanism, etc.
bullet Religions in the U.S.
bullet Range of religious beliefs
bullet Conclusions: which is the "true" denomination or religion; where did we come from; where are we going after death, and other really fundamental questions
bullet About God:
bullet Gods, Goddesses & other deities, as perceived by various religions
bullet Why has God / The All / The Source left us uninformed about what life is all about? *

A series of essays on Theodicy:

bullet Christianity:
bullet Which is the "true" Christian denomination?
bullet Comparing criteria for salvation: which faith group is right?
bullet Cardinal beliefs -- the ones that denominations consider most important
bullet A key foundational principle: transfer of sin from the guilty to the innocent
bullet Definition of the term "Christian"
bullet Differences among Protestant faith groups
bullet Differences between Roman Catholicism & conservative Protestantism
bullet How Christians interpret the Bible
bullet Initial Suppositions, Uncomfortable Truths and the Bible *
bullet What did Jesus say about salvation?
bullet Doomsday, destructive Christian cults
bullet The Gospel of Q: the earliest gospel
bullet Do part of the gospels come from Pagan mythology?
bullet Miracles
bullet Discrimination/hatred/human rights issues:
bullet Ordination of women
bullet Same-sex marriage
bullet Christian persecution of Jews
bullet Separation of church and state
bullet Is opposing same-sex marriage not hate? *
bullet Religious hatred against Wiccans, Gays and Lesbians on the Internet
bullet The beliefs and practices of various faith groups regarding homosexuality
bullet "Hot" religious topics:
bullet Abortion access: when does human personhood begin?
bullet Capital punishment
bullet Cloning humans
bullet Corporal punishment (a.k.a. spanking children)
bullet Does absolute truth exist?
bullet Evolution and creation science
bullet Homosexuality and bisexuality
bullet Six different understandings about the nature of homosexuality
bullet Gender Identity: Transgenderism, transsexualism
bullet The Occult
bullet Physician assisted suicide
bullet Urban folktales, non-existent panics, and questionable therapies
bullet Pins in Halloween apples
bullet Satanic ritual abuse
bullet Multiple personality disorder
bullet Multiple personality disorder
bullet Therapeutic touch
bullet Facilitated communication for persons with autism.
bullet Other topics:
bullet Movies with a religious or spiritual theme
bullet How public opinion polls lie, either intentionally or by accident: Part 1 Part 2
bullet Social networking with a religious tolerance theme on facebook; our facebook group
bullet Multiple personality disorder

Do we still need religion? About the functions performed by religions. (2 parts) *


Nothing comes from Nothing: A broad-ranging discussion of God, Logos, Deism, Gnosticism, Evil, Physics, Energy, and the Golden Rule: (4 parts) *

* These essays are donated by Susan Humphreys. They are sometimes written from a single point of view and do not necessarily include the full range of beliefs that exist about the topic.

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See other, similar, videos.

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Last update: 2013-MAY-22

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