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Neopagan traditions

Contacting Neopagans, and
Neopagan information sources

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Contacting other Neopagans and Neopagan groups:

Information sources on Neopaganism:

  • Major Neopagan festivals and gatherings are listed by the Witches Voice at:
  • Starhawk, The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religions of the Great Goddess" San Francisco: Harper & Row, San Francisco, CA (1997)
  • Alt.Pagan has a FAQ about Paganism at:
    (This source includes Satanism in their list of Pagan groups. Most Neo-Pagans reject this connection because most Satanists do not recognize the existence of deities, their religion is centered on self, and they occasionally engage in black (harmful) magick. Neo-Pagans typically believe in one or more Goddesses and Gods, base much of their religious ritual on healing arts, and are specifically prohibited from using black magick.)
  • is a search engine entirely dedicated to Wicca, Paganism, Witchcraft, the Occult, and related interests. See:
  • The New Oral Tradition has a Pagan music collection including new and original Pagan music. See:
  • Lytl Wytch Pagan Parenting is a web ring for Pagan parents. See:
  • Storm in a Bottle", a Neopagan site, has a calendar of important days from Pagan religions and other faith groups. See:
  • A lunisolar calendar used by ancient Pagan Greeks is featured on
  • Sanderson Beck's "The divine mother and the veil of death: The mysteries of Eleusis" attempts to translate ancient writings of the Eleusinian Mysteries in Greece. See:
  • A Web of Futhark" describes the Elder Futhark -- Norse Runes. See:
  • Medea's Chariot sells oils and custom fragrances at:
  • Runes, alphabet of mystery lists links to rune websites at:
  • The Green Egg is the official journal of the Church of All Worlds. They "seek to provide diverse aspects of Gaian culture with a common language while continuing to give voice to the great variety of opinion in our Pagan community." See: This periodical has been suspended circa 2001 but is now reactivated. See:

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