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An essay donated by Jocelyn Sophia

Alternate beliefs about Prophet Muhammad

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It is so sad to me that some people may neglect to read the wonderful verses of the Holy Qur‚€™an based on thinking that this book is not from God.¬ I have read many people‚€™s reasons for thinking that the Holy Qur‚€™an was thought up by Muhammad.¬ Most point to verses about him having wives. ¬ This paper comes from me after years of study and prayer to God about this subject.¬ I believe that God answered my prayers.

To understand the Holy Qur‚€™an fully one needs to know a little about the life of Muhammad.¬ One can see his life in three parts:

  1. Birth until 25 years:¬ At this time he lived in Makkah as an orphan.¬ He lived with his uncle who had a lot of other children and was not rich.¬ He was known as a reflective child and as a teenager was never known as a womanizer.¬ It is not reported that he had girlfriends at all.¬ He was chaste in an atmosphere of fornication and prostitution.¬ When he was 25 he married for the first time.¬ His wife‚€™s name is Khadijah.¬ She was 40 years old when they married.

  2. 25 years until 50 years:¬ Muhammad stayed married to Khadijah.¬ Muhammad did not have another wife, as did a lot of people around him.¬ Muhammad did not have sexual relations with slave women.¬ Khadijah and he had six children.¬ When Muhammad was 40 he began to get verses of the Holy Qur‚€™an from Angel Gabriel, a trustworthy conveyer from God.¬ For ten years Muhammad received the Qur‚€™an while being married to only Khadijah.¬ It is reported that Muhammad was very shy around other women.

  3. 50 years until death at age 63:¬ This is the time from the death of Khadijah until the death of Prophet Muhammad.¬ Shortly after the death of Khadijah, Prophet Muhammad moved from Makkah to Madinah and established a Muslim community.¬ Those who speak against Prophet Muhammad are usually referring to events that they think happened in this time period of Muhammad‚€™s life.¬ They say that he went from being a peaceful family man who bravely preached against idolatry to being a self-serving, murderous womanizer who forged verses of his own Holy Book.

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What is the explanation?

God emphasized in the Holy Qur‚€™an how indecent it is to fornicate and commit adultery.¬ God said to men:

‚€œHow can you be mean to a woman that you had sexual relations with?‚€¬

The sexual relationship is so special.¬ There is no proof in the Holy Qur‚€™an that Prophet Muhammad had sexual relations with any of the women that he married and cared for after Khadijah‚€™s death.¬ None of the wives got pregnant.¬ Only a slave woman given to Prophet Muhammad by a ruler of Egypt had a child while being cared for by Prophet Muhammad.¬ I believe that she was pregnant before Prophet Muhammad received her.¬ She had a boy who died before reaching 2 years-of-age.¬ God did say in the Holy Qur‚€™an that Prophet Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, which might be a reference to the slave woman from Egypt not having given birth to Muhammad‚€™s son.

There are only a few verses in the Holy Qur‚€™an with God talking to Muhammad about marrying. Then there are some addressed to Muhammad‚€™s wives.¬ God said to the wives of the Prophet ‚€œYou are not like other women.‚€¬

I believe that Prophet Muhammad married all of the women that he did, after the death of his true love, Khadijah, to

  1. Have them as women disciples to teach the other women, not for sexual relations,

  2. Do a good deed by supporting them financially.¬ and

  3. To please these women wanted this arrangement.

God said in the Holy Qur‚€™an that if they want to have a normal situation that the Prophet was willing to divorce them, without slandering their name at all.¬ None of the women wanted for the Prophet to divorce them.¬ God did not say ‚€œask the women‚€™s fathers or brothers‚€.¬ The women themselves decided.¬ They were to stay in their homes a lot, being available to all the women of the community who wanted to learn.¬ They were not to get married after Prophet Muhammad‚€™s death.¬ This made them free to fully devote their time to teaching women.¬

So instead of lowering the status of women, God made a community of learned women advisors.¬ These women were greatly honored by the Muslim community until their deaths.

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People who criticize and even hate Prophet Muhammad have used sayings that are attributed to one of the wives, named Aishah.¬ These writings are not the Holy Qur‚€™an at all.¬ They are what some people said that Aishah said.¬ I take the Word of God, the Holy Qur‚€™an, over what some people claim that Aishah said.¬

God said that if people want there is marriage after one‚€™s death.¬ God did not say in the Holy Qur‚€™an that a man would have more than one wife or that a woman would have more than one husband.¬ God knows that a lot of people enjoy the relationship of husband and wife with sexual relations.¬ God let us know in the Holy Qur‚€™an that good people will get that wonderful relationship after death if they want it.¬

The issue of 70 virgins for one man is not stated in the Holy Qur‚€™an.¬

Instead God said in the Holy Qur‚€™an that he did not put in the chest of any man two hearts.¬ I believe that this is a beautiful way to say that the fulfilling loving relationship for a man is to have one wife, his true love, the only one that he has sexual relations with.

God said in the Qur‚€™an that for men other than Prophet Muhammad that they could marry four, or three, or two, but that if they fear that they will not do justice among them, then marry only one.¬ Then later in the same chapter, God says that God knows that you can never do justice with more than one wife.¬ Again look how gently God is guiding men to know that the true happiness is in having sexual relations with one woman, your true love wife.¬ This message from God was given to a society where a lot of men had many wives and slave women.

God also lets us know that God allows divorce.¬ When divorce happens, the man and the woman are not to speak bad about each other, thus damaging each other‚€™s reputation.¬ A man who is not the true love of one woman, might be the true love of another woman.¬ A woman who is not the true love of one man, might be the true love of another man.

So if all the marriages that Prophet Muhammad had were without sexual relations due to his loyal love to Khadijah, his first wife, and that this arrangement was fine with all the women involved, who would find fault with this?¬ Doesn‚€™t it make sense that God allowed him to marry so many women at one time, with the goal of training women teachers?¬ Does this not show that God wanted women to be learned and respected?¬ God even taught them in the Holy Qur‚€™an how to talk with men, so that they would be respected as teachers.¬ Also, the wives lived in rooms adjacent to the main House of Worship.¬ Sexual relations would not be going on adjacent to the Mosque, for worshippers in the mosque to possibly hear.¬

Concerning any killing that Prophet Muhammad did, each person was dealt with individually.¬ Men were confronted who planned to kill persons in the Muslim community. Women and children were not fought.¬ The male fighters were preached to before and during battles, and were told that if they became Muslim, which was very easy, that they would not be killed.¬ Not only were they not killed but they were embraced by the whole Muslim society and were not reminded of their former ways.¬ They were loved and treated in a special way, even getting perhaps a large sum of money from the charitable givings of the wealthy.

I believe that Jesus taught the same message as Muhammad.¬ Jesus only taught for about 3 years, whereas Muhammad taught for 23 years.¬ Muhammad had more time to give more teachings.¬ Some say that verse 61 in the 43rd chapter of the Holy Qur‚€™an means that God plans to send Jesus back to earth before the Judgment Day.¬ When this happens we hope for Jesus himself to tell the people that he is not the son of God, but a man that God created.¬ Yes, we must follow Jesus, but Jesus does not know about all people at every moment, as God does.¬ We pray to God, the One Who knows about us.¬ God does not need someone else to tell God about a person.¬ Jesus on the other hand, only knows about a person if God lets him know about them.¬

I praise God, our great and glorious Creator and I thank God for guiding me to think well of Prophet Muhammad and giving me the means to spread this message.

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Originally posted: 2014-JAN-11
Latest update: 2014-JAN-11
Author: Jocelyn Sophia

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