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An essay donated by Jocelyn Sophia

How are future happenings determined?

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Some people have claimed that, before people were born, GOD predetermined their happenings until the Day of Judgment.¬ They say (and I believe they are wrong) that GOD wrote before people‚€™s lives take place, what all people will do. According to their belief, God may allow some people to see some of what GOD wrote will happen in the future in terms of what specific people will do voluntarily.¬

I do not believe as these people do.¬ In fact such a belief reflects very poorly of GOD.¬ Have not horrendous sins occurred?¬ Haven‚€™t some people had sexual relations with animals?¬ Haven‚€™t some people horribly abused children?¬ Have not people taken guns and randomly shot people in schools and malls?¬ I am 52 years old and I have heard of all those things happening.¬

According to people who say that GOD prewrote the doings of all people, they are saying that GOD wanted all those things to happen before GOD even created those people.¬ Then they say that GOD created those people and those people had no choice but to do those crimes, because GOD prewrote for them to do them.¬ Then, on top of that, they say that GOD wrote ahead of time that those people will not repent, and yet because they don‚€™t repent, GOD will torture them forever in Hell.

In reality, GOD is Just and Loving and Kind as GOD told us in the Holy Qur‚€™an.¬ Hell does exist and Heaven does exist, however people go to Hell if they are bad, by choice, and people go to Heaven if they are good by choice.¬ Why?¬ Because people do have a choice to do either good or evil, although GOD encourages us to not do evil in the Holy Qur‚€™an.¬ Haven‚€™t you experienced this yourself?¬ Haven‚€™t you ever been in a position where you could choose to do either good or evil and you chose one of them?

GOD gave Holy Books to some people teaching about GOD, life, and what one should and should not do.¬ People changed some of the Holy Books before the Holy Qur‚€™an.¬ Then about 1500 years ago, GOD gave the Holy Qur‚€™an to Messenger Muhammad in parts over 23 years and other people wrote it down.¬ GOD promised that GOD would preserve the book.¬ GOD did not promise that no one would misinterpret the verses.

GOD does not want for anyone to behave sinfully.¬ Hence GOD did not prewrite that an antichrist (ad-dajjaal) would come.¬ However, GOD knows that people teach that an antichrist is coming.¬ GOD knows that some who called themselves Muslim said that he will be a man who claims to be GOD.¬ But GOD did not prewrite for any person to claim to be GOD.¬ GOD is the Creator of men.¬ GOD is not a man.¬ GOD did not prewrite that any person must lie, because GOD orders us to not lie, and especially we must not lie about GOD!¬ Nowhere in the Holy Qur‚€™an did GOD say that a man in the future will claim to be GOD.¬ No!¬ Instead GOD told of Pharaoh in the past claiming to be GOD and warned people to not make that claim.

However concerning a Day of Judgment happening in the future, since GOD said about 1500 years ago that GOD wants that event to happen, then it will happen.¬ The occurrence of the Day of Judgment is not a deed performed by any person.¬ GOD knows what HE wants to do, and GOD does it, with love and justice and mercy.

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Concerning Prophet Jesus, about 1500 years ago, GOD told Messenger Muhammad that Jesus would come back to earth and then die.¬ Long ago, when Jesus was thirty three years old, GOD made Jesus rise up to a high place, three years after Jesus started teaching as a Messenger.¬ GOD knows exactly what happened in the past.¬

More than 500 years after GOD made Jesus rise up, without Jesus dying on the cross, GOD revealed to Messenger Muhammad that that happened. GOD also said to Muhammad, about 1500 years ago, that GOD wants Jesus to come back to earth in the future.¬ We all know that GOD makes people come to earth as GOD wants.¬ I did not give myself life on earth.¬ I did not make myself have my parents.¬ I did not make myself have my eye color, or skin color.¬ GOD gave that to me.¬

Concerning Jesus, GOD formed Jesus in the womb of Mary without a father.¬ Then GOD made him born about 2000 years ago.¬ Then GOD made Jesus rise up while still alive. GOD wants, GOD said, about 1500 years ago, that GOD will make Jesus come back down to earth.¬ GOD said that HE will make every person die someday. After GOD revealed to Muhammad, about 1500 years ago, that Jesus will come back, did Jesus already come back to earth and then die?¬ I don‚€™t know.¬ I don‚€™t know every thing that has happened since the life of Messenger Muhammad until this moment.¬

If Jesus has not come down yet and has not died yet, I do not claim to know what will happen when Jesus comes back to earth.¬ I do ask GOD that if Jesus is still alive, with GOD planning to send Jesus down to earth in the future, that people get the chance to ask Jesus, himself, about him and I hope that they hear directly from Jesus that Jesus is not the ‚€œson of GOD‚€.¬ I hope that they hear directly from Jesus that it is not the blood of Jesus that washes away sins, but instead we ourselves must learn what sins are, and repent to GOD for our sins, and stop sinning.¬ I hope that if Jesus has not already come and died, that people will hear directly from Jesus that Jesus is a man, and that Jesus needs to do good deeds and avoid doing sins, just like other people.

GOD said in the Holy Qur‚€™an that HE wants to make a Day of Judgment happen.¬ GOD said that HE will make every person who ever lived rise up alive.¬ This we know will happen, because GOD promised in the Holy Qur‚€™an that HE wants to do that. ¬ Every one will get the book of their life.¬ Some will go to Heaven and some will go to Hell.¬ GOD said that HE is JUST, always.¬ When GOD revealed to Muhammad that some will go to Hell it is not because GOD predestined for them to go there before they lived their life.¬ Many people had already died by the time GOD revealed the Holy Qur‚€™an to Muhammad.¬ Hence GOD knew at that time of people who deserved Hell, due to how they chose to live their life, after a Messenger came to them and GOD made miracles happen.¬ For example GOD told of people who met Moses and saw the miracles that GOD created, and still rejected the message of Moses.

I understand that what I am saying is not in accordance with some sayings that people nowadays claim were said by Messenger Muhammad.¬ I am not saying at all that I believe that Prophet Muhammad lied.¬ I am claiming that any saying that people attribute to Messenger Muhammad that contradicts the Holy Qur‚€™an, is obviously fabricated by someone other than Messenger Muhammad.¬ I am not saying that Abu Hurayrah and Aishah and other companions who people say narrated sayings of Messenger Muhammad were liars either.¬ I am saying that somewhere along the line, someone wrote wrong things, attributing them to Messenger Muhammad.¬ After all about 1500 years have passed since the life of Messenger Muhammad.¬ If people wanted evil, and they knew that GOD protected the words of the Holy Qur‚€™an, don‚€™t you think that evil people would then try to pervert that which is not the Holy Qur‚€™an?

Is there one Islamic scholar living at this moment who claims to have lived at the time of Messenger Muhammad and heard words from him against what I am claiming?¬ Aren‚€™t all just going by what was written in the past by someone they did not meet?¬

I praise GOD and worship GOD.¬ O people who want to be obedient slaves of GOD, do not fall as those who lie about Jesus and GOD!¬ Do not say things about GOD that really imply that you believe that GOD is mean and unjust!¬ Do not say that you are allowed to believe and say such things just because some man or woman that you do not know claims that Messenger Muhammad said things that are not in accordance with the Holy Qur‚€™an!¬ Did you meet Messenger Muhammad yourself and hear these strange sayings from him yourself???¬ NO!¬ GOD said in the Holy Qur‚€™an that Messenger Muhammad was a faithful slave, and not a liar.

I praise GOD and thank GOD.¬ I ask all who read this to pray to GOD, reflect a lot on these words and ask GOD if what I write is true.¬ I personally ask GOD that I never say anything false about GOD ever, and if I did, I ask GOD to make that clear to all and block people from reading anything wrong from me.¬ I am not coming with a new message.¬ I am just explaining the meaning of some of the Holy Qur‚€™an.¬ I humbly ask GOD to bless you the reader.

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Originally posted: 2014-JAN-11
Latest update: 2014-JAN-11
Author: Jocelyn Sophia

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