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Our most popular essays:

These change little from month to month.

During the week ending 2007-APR-28, our twenty most-visited essays (starting with the most popular) are listed below. The most popular 14 essays were unchanged, except for order, from 2005-OCT-11.

  1. Abortion access: all aspects to this apparently unsolvable conflict, which is grounded in disagreement over when human life becomes human personhood.
  2. Buddhism: The world's fourth largest religion which is also becoming very popular in North America.
  3. Wicca: A recently reconstructed, Neopagan religion based on elements of belief from the ancient Celtic people; a.k.a. Witchcraft. Wicca is doubling in numbers about every 30 months.
  4. Islam: The second largest religion in the world, and perhaps the most misunderstood by westerners. A religion of peace, with an attached small minority forming a death cult.
  5. Same-sex marriage -- Now available in the state of Connecticut, Massachusetts, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, and South Africa. Its future status in California is in doubt.
  6. The Death Penalty: A rare phenomenon in democracies, except for the U.S.
  7. Hinduism: The world's third largest religion.
  8. Christianity, the largest religion in the world by far. A highly fragmented group of religions which share the name "Christianity," the Bible, but which disagree on many beliefs, practices and social policies.
  9. The major religions of the world, and a few minor ones.
  10. Stem Cell research: A very controversial field of medical research with phenomenal potential and moral aspects that many conservatives find troublint.
  11. Physician Assisted Suicide: Do people who are too sick to arrange their own death have the right to ask a physician for help when their life become intolerable?
  12. Taoism: Another Eastern religion gaining in popularity in the west.
  13. Judaism: A relatively small, widely hated, and influential religion.
  14. Statement of Belief: Our group's beliefs. We have more than one set of beliefs because we are a multi-faith group.
  15. The People's Temple, mass murder, and James Warren Jones.
  16. The Ten Commandments: Curious conflicts over what are really about 24 commandments, not 10. They represent about 4% of the entire Mosaic Law -- from the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament). Relatively few people know the contents.
  17. About us: Information about the website and the people who maintain it.
  18. The Amish: Their history, beliefs, practices, conflicts, etc.
  19. The millennium and end-of-the-world prophecies. There have been thousands of years of false predictions, yet many people are still expecting it to happen soon.
  20. Homosexuality and bisexuality: These are chosen behaviors (according to some people) or unchosen sexual orientations (according to others) involving same-sex activity and/or attraction.

Essays that we feel should be in the top 20, but aren't:

bullet The environment and global warming. We feel that this is a great threat to humanity, perhaps even greater than nuclear war.
bullet A basic, but never discussed, biblical theme: transferring guilt and punishment from the guilty to the innocent. This is found throughout the Bible and is involved in many Christian dogmas. Yet, it is clearly immoral.
bullet God's genocides: Mass murders ordered by Yahweh.
bullet Religious hatred, animosity and intolerance: If global warming does not end the human race, this will.
bullet Religious conflict, oppression, discrimination: More of the same.
bullet Religiously inspired violence, murder, mass murder and genocide. Still more.

Site traffic:

During the week ending 2008-APR-19, we 3,296 essays, 9.8 million hits, 1.78 million page views, 450 thousand distinct visitors, and 107 Gbytes of traffic. Our web ranking was 7,085 out of the approximately 150 million web sites that are online.

All of this traffic generates many hundreds of Emails a day. We answer as many as we can, but our time is limited.

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