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We received an unsolicited Email...

The following Email came from "C," a 17 year-old big sister:

I was actually quite disturbed on why people can possible claim that Harry Potter leads children to devil worshipping, or whatever nonsense they were talking about.  The editors of this website might want to add this to their article.  These Harry Potter books produced a near miracle.  I encourage you to read this article of mine--for it has saved my little brother's future and reputation as a person.

I am almost 18, and I have a younger brother that just turned 11.  He always seemed to struggle in school, especially in reading.  He would never pick up a book, or even listen to them with audio tapes.  The thought of reading scared him.  He was just plain horrible at it.  Kids at school teased him because he couldn't read, some even attempted to beat him up.  Teachers kept him after school for detentions because he wouldn't turn in his reading homework assignments.  Not that he didn't want to do them, he just couldn't.   This led to his low self-esteem and poor grades.

Then, one day, after a day with RIF (
Reading Is Fundamental), he came home with a paperback version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  He did something that he has never done before in his life. He sat down on the couch, turned off the television, and started to read this book.  It turns out that he already finished two chapters of this book at school and couldn't put the book down.  His best friend even said that he read the book while walking home.  So, two months and four books later (the last book being 37 chapters long), my younger brother Mitchell flew past this series and many other books.  His reading level has hit the roof and he loves to read now.  He no longer is picked on, and he is the first to volunteer to read in class.  Actually, instead of being picked on, he now has a group of friends that he can talk to and play with that he met through Harry Potter.

All in all, these books helped him so much!!  Not only in school, but also with his self esteem.  If it hadn't been for J.K. Rowling and her writings about Harry Potter, my brother wouldn't have a good future ahead of him as he does now.  Neither would he have such good friends and grades.  So if Harry Potter is being accused of leading children to practicing witchcraft, I would like to see some kind of story to back that up.  Neither my brother, nor any of his friends have even THOUGHT of practicing witchcraft.  They all know it is make-believe, and they know it is just a story.  Children are not as ignorant and naive as many adults think they are.  The only thing Harry Potter has done to children I've seen so far is help them with their reading skills and give children a reason to have fun and use their imagination!  If that is such a bad thing, then i suppose childhood isn't the happiest time of our lives after all.  I would like to thank, once again, J.K. Rowling for writing Harry Potter, and saving my little brother's future.

Thank you also for your time,


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Copyright 2002 by "C"
Originally posted: 2002-JAN-5
Latest update: 2002-JUN-5
Author: "C"

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