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As of 2014-NOV-10, we had over 7,200 files essays and menus online. But we estimate that we need at least another 2,000 essays to fully present:

bullet Descriptions of the major religions found in North America, and

bullet Descriptions of the controversial social topics with a religious, spiritual or moral aspect.

Over the next year we hope to work on many of the topics listed below.

Planned major projects:

bullet Polygamy: We suspect that this may become the next "hot" topic in North American society. There is a case before the Canadian courts in British Columbia, BC to determine the constitutionality of the existing federal law against polygamy. In Canada federal law governs marriage across the entire country. This differs from the 51 sets of laws in the District of Columbia and the 50 states in the U.S. We have a menu on polygamy which is linked to a series of essays on patriarchal-structured plural marriages within the Mormon movement. We hope to add other essays describing egalitarian plural marriages.
bullet Atonement: This is regarded by many theologians as the central tenet of the Christian faith. The atonement involves the healing of the gulf between God and humanity as a result of the life -- an particularly the death -- of Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ). Different wings of Christianity teach different rationales about the atonement. There have been many changes in teaching down through the years. We have covered to date the major historical teachings on this topic, but need to enlarge this section to include new proposed explanations for the atonement that are less violent and that are based more on the life of Jesus than on his his torture-execution.
bullet Genocide: 9/11 brought holy war to the shores of North America. But holy war and genocide are ancient traditions. The Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) describes three major genocides and one small-scale genocide:
bullet God's extermination of almost the entire human race in the time of Noah,
bullet God's murder of every first-born human in Egypt,
bullet The ancient Hebrews' genocide of the Canaanites, and
bullet The ancient Hebrews' near destruction of the Tribe of Benjamin.

The book of Revelation of the Christian Scriptures (New Testament), literally interpreted, predicts a massive genocide for our future which involves in excess of two and a half billion deaths -- one third of the human race. In a series of essays, we will try to compare and contrast these mass murders with the injunction by Jesus to love one's enemies and overcome evil with good.

bullet Afterlife: An enhancement of our section on life after death, to include in depth essays on:
bullet Various beliefs including Universalism, annihilation, Heaven, torture in Hell, etc.
bullet How a loving, kind God can create Hell with no hope for forgiveness among its residents.
bullet Christianity:
bullet A detailed treatment of Jewish Christians. They were centered in Jerusalem and were the only Christian movement between the time that Jesus was executed (circa 30 CE) and the arrival of Paul in Judea (circa 38 CE). They were led by James, the brother of Jesus. Jesus' disciples and dedicated followers were part of the movement. Their beliefs about Jesus, his teaching, God, etc. were probably quite accurate because they were with Jesus daily. They differed from the beliefs promoted by Paul which eventually became the dominant force within Christianity.
bulletThe status and role of Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ). How he was perceived by Christians and Muslims throughout history in various ways as:
bullet A deity; a member of the Trinity,
bullet One of the greatest of the prophets,
bullet A son of God selected by God at the time of his baptism,
bullet As a lunatic,
bullet A liar,
bullet A non-existent person,
bullet A prophet falsely proclaiming God's rule in his near future,
bullet A magician,
bullet A Greek cynic philosopher,
bullet A person proclaiming the end of the world, or
bullet A person about which we know very little, etc.

bullet Essays on additional faith groups within the European Free-Church Family including Brethren, Mennonites, and Shakers.
bullet Interfaith: A series of essays comparing various faith groups' beliefs on who will attain heaven and similar topics. We plan to compare various first century Christian movements, various present-day denominations, other religions, etc.
bullet "Stop the bloodshed" We have dozens of ideas scattered through our web site that discuss ways of promoting religious tolerance, applying the Golden Rules, ending religiously-based oppression, etc. We plan to consolidate these ideas into a single section.

Planned minor projects:

These are the new essays that we plan for our web site. Of course, plans are often overtaken by events in the real world which necessitate the creation of essays on totally new topics.

We have listed the topics them in alphabetic order, not necessarily in the order in which that we expect to write them.

bullet Abortion: Information about the beliefs of non-Christian religions about abortion. Methods promoted by conservative politicians to restrict access to abortion.
bullet Anti-semitism: We plan to attach essays which describe anti-semitism in the Bible and in modern-day cultures to our menu on this topic.
bullet Atheism:
bullet Discussion of various books in which Atheists attack religion.
bullet Rebuttals by Christians of these books
bullet Buddhism: We need to prepare essays on some of the Buddhist traditions that we have not yet covered. Also needed are:
bullet Essays on supernatural beings in Buddhism, like ghosts.
bullet An analysis of the book "Buddhism without beliefs"
bulletChristianity: This is a big topic, because more North Americans follow this religion than any other:
bullet The Antichrist: his identity.
bullet The Prosperity Gospel movement.
bullet Christian Zionism
bullet Bible prophecies: Several Fundamentalist Christian sources teach that those biblical prophecies which do not relate to our future have occurred precisely as predicted. Some skeptics and religious liberals write that no true biblical prophecy has ever happened as predicted. We hope to explain these mutually exclusive belief systems in a series of essays. We have three essays written on this topic to date, and plan to write many more.
bullet The Bible and archaeology: Again, there are conflicting beliefs among intelligent, well educated people. Several Fundamentalist Christian sources teach that no archaeological finding has ever refuted any statement in the Bible. However, there are many archaeologists working in Israel and Palestine who have adopted "minimalist" beliefs -- that biblical heroes prior to David and Solomon did not exist, that there was no captivity in Egypt, no Exodus, no United Kingdom, etc. We have an introductory essay on this topic, but plan to expand it into an entire section of our web site.
bullet How one becomes a Christian.
bullet The founding fathers of America: Some say that they were staunch Christians. Others say that they were mostly Deists who worshiped a God who was as different from the Trinity as is Allah -- God as perceived by Muslims. The truth is out there.
bullet Freemasonry: A history.
bullet God: We plan to create a section in our web site that deals with different concepts that people have about God. It will be based on a book by Paul Froese and Christopher Bader titled "America's Four Gods." It will be linked to existing essays that deal with Atheism, Agnosticism, Deism, Humanism, etc. But we will prepare more detailed essays which describe Theism, Pantheism, Panentheism, and other visions of deity.
bullet Hinduism: A discussion of the historical source of the caste system in India
bullet Homosexuality:
bullet Families: How parents react when a GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Trangender) child comes out of the closet
bullet Courts: Are judges becoming too activist?
bullet Parenting: There seems to be many conflicting claims about the effectiveness of parenting by same-sex couples. Studies that have reached opposite conclusions are being published.
bullet Inerrancy of the Bible: We have received a list of 19 apparent inconsistencies in the Bible and a challenge to show that all of them can be harmonized in such a way that biblical inerrancy is still a valid belief. We plan to try. We note a lot of emphasis on discrepancies between the Jesus' genealogy as defined in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke as proving the Bible to be errant. We plan to study this as well.
bullet Islam: Our essays on Islam emphasize the peaceful, spiritual aspects of the religion. But, as in all religions, there is also a dark side. In particular, we want to deal with the teachings of an 18th century Muslim reformer, Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab. His teachings have been altered by radical, violent and intolerant Muslim fundamentalists to justify terrorism.
bullet Jesus: Josh McDowell, and others, have presented non-Christians with a trilemma: that Jesus must have been either a liar, a lunatic or Lord. We hope to describe these options and describe additional options.
bullet The Kabbalah: We have started to study this topic many times; however, our minds rebel each time.
bullet Nature: Write an essay comparing conclusions about nature by conservative Protestants with beliefs of scientists. This would include such diverse topics as origins of species, origins and spread of languages, the great flood, indwelling demonic spirits, the nature of sexual orientation, the cause of natural disasters, etc.
bullet Occult: Augment our essay on the Ouija board to add information on the psychic circle board.
bullet Original sin: The very important concept that all humans, including those in successive generations, have been adversely affected by an event in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve allegedly ate a forbidden fruit.
bullet Origins: Age of the earth: Describe alleged problems that creation scientists have found with radio carbon dating, specifically C-14 and U-238.
bullet Prophecy: Predictions of the future based on studies of the Great Pyramid
bullet Rastafarianism. This is a religion in which Haile Selassie is viewed as God. It started in Jamaica during the 1930's.
bullet Religion in the U.S.: The Pew Forum periodically publishes the results of surveys of religious beliefs among American adults which contains some fascinating information. 
bullet Shamanism.
bullet Tolerance: Should one be tolerant of intolerant groups?
bullet Violence: The problem of religiously-inspired violence which seems to plague organized religions -- particularly monotheistic faiths. It takes various forms from physical attacks to murder to mass murder to genocide.

If there are any additional topics that you would like us to add to this web site, please Email us using the "Contact Us" link below.

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Originally written: 2004-JUN-08
Latest update: 2021-AUG-03
Author: B.A. Robinson

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