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Thought provoking Emails that
we have received ... with our responses

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Most of the Emails from our web site's visitors fall into one of four categories -- those containing:

bulletGeneral praise for our web site. We enjoy reading these.

bulletGeneral condemnation of our entire web site. Some of these are quite amusing.

bulletA description of an apparent error in one of our essays.

bulletInteresting theological, ethical, spiritual, and scientific questions.

We have published a few representative samples of Emails containing praise and condemnation elsewhere on this site. Some of these are quite positive and encouraging; others are quite abusive, nasty, and vicious. Occasionally, we receive death threats. We investigate any reported errors and correct our essays as needed. 

This essay lists some of the interesting theological/religious/moral/spiritual questions raised by our site visitors. We have disguised the identity of the individuals who originated the Email. We have re-written their questions for reasons of brevity or clarity, and to hid the identity of the sender. 


Almost all of the essays on our web site attempt to describe all points of view on a given topic.

This section is an exception.

Only one of our staff  members, working alone, replies to each visitor's questions. Thus, the responses consist of one person's viewpoint. They may not reflect those of the rest of our group or even of the majority of our group.

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Topics discussed in this section:

bulletPart 1:
bulletMine is the only true Christian denomination
bulletWho is a Christian?
bulletGroup prayer with an Atheist.
bulletWhat religion should I choose?
bulletIs Christ the Lord, or a liar or lunatic?
bulletI am being harassed; what do I do?
bulletThe cause of religiously motivated conflicts and genocides.
bulletPart 2:
bulletShould this site ban ads related to Wicca and the casting of spells?
bulletWhy do people reject absolute truth?
bulletIs it OK for a newspaper to show a picture of two lesbians?
bulletWas Irenaeus correct? Will God refuse to forgive a sin committed after one is saved?
bulletIs the one third of the world's population that will be destroyed during Armageddon from Africa?
bulletSatanic Ritual Abuse happens a lot.
bulletPart 3:
bulletFemale Genital Mutilation.
bulletWho is a Christian?
bulletScientists' beliefs about evolution.
bulletWiccans and other Neopagans describing themselves as "Pagans."
bulletCauses of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).
bulletEvolution is false.
bulletWhat is a Christian, revisited.
bulletTolerance and truth are incompatible.
bulletThe 9-11 terrorist attack.
bulletPart 4:
bulletAbortion in America is the greatest genocide.
bulletWhat religion should I follow?
bulletGod and the Bible are intolerant
bulletAre you guys a bunch of wacos?
bulletCan therapy change gays?
bulletYou have to stand for something or fall for everything.
bulletYou know that God exists.
bulletGod says that abortion is murder, because life begins at conception.
bulletPart 5:
bulletHow can you advertise spell kits on your web site?
bulletDoes religion cause conflict or bring people together?
bulletThe use of BCE and CE is spineless and repulsive.
bulletWhat happens during an abortion?
bulletPeople of different religions cannot live peacefully together.
bulletYour site is a fraud; you lie about creation science.
bulletReligious tolerance is evil.
bulletPart 6:
bulletPosting a notice of a church's Easter drama in a public school.
bulletShould we tolerate falsehood?
bulletWhy doesn't this web site take a stand on abortion?
bulletHow can a Christian discount anything in the Bible?
bulletPart 7:
bulletAdam & Eve and homosexuality.
bullet"Because of your essay on Jesus and sin, you must be from Satan!"
bulletHow do I find the one true religion?
bulletDid Jesus die on the cross?
bullet A general attack.
bulletChange the name of our web site.
bulletPart 8:
bulletIs a fetus human?
bullet Compulsory parenthood.
bullet Another Email critical of the CE and BCE notation.
bullet Refusing to compromise beliefs.

bulletPart 9:
bullet The Bible is errant.
bullet Overcoming fear-based childhood religious training.

We will be adding to this list as additional Emails arrive.

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Copyright © 2000 to 2010 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2000-SEP-23
Latest update: 2010-DEC-28
Author: B.A. Robinson

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