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Interesting, sometimes amusing, quotes
with moral, ethical, religious and/or
spiritual content.

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About this section:

We have culled the following quotes, mainly from a variety of locations on the Internet. Most have religious, moral, or ethical content. Unfortunately, the original source of the quotes are often not cited.

We welcome any additional important quotes that you know of. Please Email them to us.

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Reliability of quotes:

bullet Fraudulent religious quotes

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Quotes on major topics:

bullet About God:

About religion:


About religious intolerance:


About religious tolerance:


About other major topics:

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Quotes on other topics:


Abortion, art, Agnosticism & Atheism, anger, atonement, Bible, bigotry, blasphemy.


Caring & Compassion, and change.


Christ & Christianity, church and state, and civil rights.


Communication, Constitution, courage, creeds, cults, and cynicism.

bullet Death, death penalty, dialogue, diversity, doubt and education.

bullet Environment, evil, evolution, fear, feminism, and forgiveness.


God, government, happiness, and hate.

bullet Hell, the Holocaust, homosexuality, hope, hypocrisy, general intolerance.

bullet Justice, knowledge, leadership, learning.

bullet Liberty, lies, and life.


Love and marriage.

bullet Media, memories, misogyny, morality and natural law.

bullet Peace and pluralism

bullet Prayers, prejudice, privilege, purpose, reality, reason, and religion.

bullet Resistance to government, revelation, and salvation.

bullet Satan, science & religion, and "Separation of Church and State."

bullet Sex, sin, slavery, spanking, sprituality, stress, and theology.


Tolerance, tradition, and truth.


Violence, wisdom, and youth.

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Humorous and inspiring quotes:

bullet From church bulletins and similar sources
bullet By children, about religion
bullet By children, about love


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Other websites dealing with quotes:

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