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Ritual Abuse (RA)

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Ritual Abuse is also called: Cult Related Abuse, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Ritualized Abuse, Occult Ritual Abuse (ORA), Sadistic Ritual Abuse (SRA), etc.

What is a ritual?

A ritual is an act which is repeated according to a specific procedure. One simple superstitious example is throwing of a pinch of salt over your shoulder after you have spilled some salt. A Roman Catholic mass is an example of a majestic, complex religious ritual. Societies have many rituals related to major life passages, like birth, marriage and death.

What is ritual abuse?

Ritual Abuse has been defined as psychological, sexual, spiritual, and/or physical assault on an unwilling human victim, committed by one or more people whose primary motive is to fulfill a prescribed ritual in order to achieve a specific goal or satisfy the perceived needs of their deity.

Children are most frequently the victims of all types of ritual abuse, largely because of their vulnerability and lack of power.

Topics covered in this section:

bullet Introduction to ritual abuse
bullet What kinds of ritual abuse exist
bullet How widespread is it?
bullet Is there any evidence of its existence?
bullet Why do people believe that it is common?

bullet Has child ritual abuse actually happened:
bullet In day care centers, pre-schools, etc.?
bullet Underground Tunnels at McMartin Preschool
bullet In other locations?

bullet Government funded studies of ritual abuse
bullet FBI report on allegations of ritual abuse

bullet 41 court cases alleging ritual abuse
bullet A documented case of ritual abuse in Utah

bullet "Believe the Children" list of ritual abuse convictions

bullet Anti-Ritual Abuse Laws

bullet Books dealing with child sexual abuse
bullet Books and other resources that:
bullet Promote belief in SRA
bullet Are skeptical of SRA

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