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Crime is a threat to everyone's well being. Sexual abuse is one of the worst crimes. Sexual abuse directed at children can be devastating to the victims, their families and the community. The idea that wide-spread, ritual, sadistic sexual abuse of innocent pre-school children is horrific. Yet this was the belief of much of the public from the early 1980's to the mid 1990's.

Fortunately, this form of Multi-Victim, Multi-Offender (MVMO) abuse happens very rarely, if at all. The widespread belief that ritual abuse has happened in many pre-schools has turned out to be false. Evidence of such abuse can be traced back to improper interview techniques that inadvertently planted memories of abuse into the minds of very young children -- memories of events that never happened. These disclosures were reinforced during court trials with unreliable medical examinations and lab tests which incorrectly indicated that abuse had occurred. With the modern methods of child interviewing, medical examinations, and lab testing that are now practiced, the allegations of ritual abuse have evaporated. Unfortunately, there remain thousands of individuals, now in their late teens or early adulthood, who suffer from these false memories.

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Topics covered in this section:

bullet Background of the child ritual abuse scare
bullet A typical example of a preschool panic
bullet How abuse cases affected society; factors to consider if a panic strikes

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