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Sexual/ritual abuse cases


Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

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About Cornwall and allegations of ritual and sexual abuse:

Cornwall is a town of 47,000 in eastern Ontario Canada, on the north shore of the St. Lawrence river/seaway.  It is directly across the river from Massena, NY. 

As of mid-2007, charges and countercharges of a multigenerational sex ring had been widely circulated for over five years. This ring, locally called "the clan," allegedly involved community leaders engaged in hebephilia (sexual abuse of post-pubertal children), and ritual abuse over an interval of many decades.

A commission of inquiry began in Cornwall on 2006-FEB-12. After many months, the rationale for the commission has largely collapsed. Allegations of ritual abuse in Cornwall by an adult sex-ring were described as "... the biggest and most damaging hoax ever inflicted on this community. It is also arguably the most expensive hoax the country has known." 1

Unfortunately, there appears to have been no effort to investigate a similar case in nearby Prescott, Ontario. There are some indications that it is also a hoax -- but one that caused the imprisonment of dozens of possibly innocent people in what might have been the most serious miscarriage of justice in the history of Canada.

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Topics covered in this section:

bullet Introduction
bullet Agitation and investigation
bullet Commission of inquiry
bullet The ritual abuse and sex-ring stories unravel
bullet What really happened in Cornwall?

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Web sites with information on the Cornwall situation:

bullet David Icke, "Telling the Truth Archives," at:

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Reference used:

  1. Claude McIntosh, "False allegations have hurt innocent people," Cornwall Standard Freeholder, 2007-JUN-30.

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Originally written: 2001-MAY-31
Latest update: 2007-JUL-08
Author: B.A. Robinson

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