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Satanic holidays, as viewed by conservative Christian authors

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Satanic Ritual Days listed in Christian Books:

There have been many dozens of anti-Satanic books written by conservative Christian authors, mainly sold in Evangelical Christian book stores. In some cases, the authors appear to create information out of thin air. Others seem to copy the works of other conservative Christian writers. Few if any appear to have any direct knowledge of Satanism. We analyzed 14 books and handouts which attack Satanism. All show a general lack of familiarization with the religion.

One example of the lack of credibility of these books is their list of Satanic ritual days of celebration. We have found the following holidays listed; (book codes are listed below):

bulletFixed Ritual Days
bullet Jan. 01 No name (SA)
bullet Jan. 07 St. Winebald Day (DA, SA, EE)
bullet Jan. 13 Satanic New Year (S1; Note 1)
bullet Jan. 17 Satanic Revels (DA, SA, EE)
bullet Feb. 01 Olmelc (S2)
bullet Feb. 02 Candlemas, Satanic Revels (HS, DA (Note 2),SA, EE)
bullet Feb. 25 St. Walpurgis Day (DA, SA, EE)
bullet Mar. 01 St. Eichatadt (DA, EE)
bullet Mar. 20 Equinox Feast Day (DA, EE)
bullet Mar. 21 Spring Equinox (S2, DA, SA)
bullet Apr. 21 to 26 Preparation for the Sacrifice (DA)
bullet Apr. 21 to 29 Preparation time for sacrifice (SA)
bullet Apr. 26 Grand Climax (EE)
bullet Apr. 30 Beltane (NA, SS, SA, DA)
bullet Apr. 30 Walpurgisnacht (SS, S2, NS)
bullet Apr. 30 Solstice (UH, TH; Note 3)
bullet May 01 Grand Climax (DA; Note 2)
bullet May 01 Initiation Night (AS)
bullet May 01 Beltane fertility festival (S2)
bullet Jun. 20 No name (SA)
bullet Jun. 21 Feast Day (DA)
bullet Jun. 22 Solstice 1, Summer Solstice (NA, UH, S2, DA, EE)
bullet Jun. 23 No name (SA)
bullet Jul. 01 Demon Revels (DA, SA, EE)
bullet Jul. 25 No name (SA)
bullet Jul. 26 No name (SA)
bullet Jul. 31 Lammas (HS)
bullet Aug. 01 Lammas (SA, DA)
bullet Aug. 01 Festival of First Fruits (S2)
bullet Aug. 03 Satanic Revels (DA; Note 2, SA, EE)
bullet Aug. 24 No name (SA)
bullet Sep. 07 Marriage to Beast Satan (DA, SA, RR)
bullet Sep. 19 No name (LL)
bullet Sep. 20 Midnight Host (DA, SA, EE)
bullet Sep. 20 to 23 Autumn Equinox (NS)
bullet Sep. 21 Autumn Equinox (DA)
bullet Sep. 22 Equinox Feast Day (DA, SA, EE)
bullet Sep. 23 Fall Equinox (S2)
bullet Oct. 13 Continuous High Holiday (SA; Note 4)
bullet Oct. 29 All Hallows Eve (DA, SA; Note 5)
bullet Oct. 31 Halloween (NA, SS, HS, HC, SA, S1, S2,DA)
bullet Nov. 01 Halloween (EE)
bullet Nov. 04 Satanic Revels (DA, EE)
bullet Dec. 21 No name (SA)
bullet Dec. 22 Solstice 2, Winter Solstice (NA, UH, S2, DA)
bullet Dec. 22 Solstice Feast Day (DA, EE)
bullet Dec. 24 Demon Revels (DA, SA)
bullet Dec. 24 Grand High Climax (EE)
bullet Dec. 25 Christmas (HC, MR, NS)


  1. 13th day of the year
  2. Listed by Viser (DA) as the most important holidays
  3. No solstice can occur in April
  4. Continues to Nov. 4
  5. Continues to Nov. 1

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bulletMovable Ritual Days
bullet Easter Weekend (HC)
bullet Easter Sunday (MR)
bullet Good Friday (SA)
bullet US Thanksgiving (HC)
bullet Ash Wednesday (MR)
bullet Ascension (MR)
bullet Pentecost (MR)
bullet Corpus Christi (MR)
bullet 1st Sun. of Advent (MR)
bulletPeriodic Meetings
bullet Every 2nd Saturday at 11 PM (MR)
bullet Every Friday night(S1)
bullet Every 3rd Thursday (S2)
bullet At full moons (TS)
bullet On the Satanist's birthday (UH, DA, EE) An actual Satanic day
bullet Year 2009; year-long Feast of the Beast (EE)
In the above list, codes have been used to refer to the following books:
bullet DA: The Darkness Among Us by William Viser, (Broadman & Holman 1993), P. 134
bullet EE: The Edge of Evil, by Jerry Johnston, (Word, 1989), P. 211
bullet HC: He Came to Set the Captives Free by Rebecca Brown, (Wittaker House 1992), P. 69
bullet HS: "Halloween and Satanism by Philips and Roibie (Starburst 1987) P. 146
bullet MR: Michelle Remembers by Michelle Smith & Lawrence Pazder, (Simon & Schuster, 1980)
bullet NA: "New Age, The Occult, and Lion Country by Nelson Price (Power Books 1989), Page 76
bullet NS: The New Satanists, by Linda Blood (Warner, 1994) P. 57, 216
bullet S1: Satanism by Ted Schwarz & Duane Empey (Zondervan 1988), Page 41
bullet SA: A handout of unknown origin supplied by a local Sexual Assault Centre
bullet SS: Schemes of Satan by Mike Warnke (Victory House, 1991), P. 132
bullet S2: Satanism by Bob Larson, (Nelson, 1989), P. 107
bullet TH: At the Heart of Darkness by John Parker, (Pan, 1993), P. 256
bullet TS: The Satan Seller by Mike Warnke (Bridge, 1972) P. 35, etc
bullet UH: Undated handout distributed at a seminar given in Dunkirk NY by Detective Paul Hart and quoted in the book In Pursuit of Satan by R.D. Hicks (Prometheus Books, 1990)

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With reference to Rebecca Brown's book, one wonders what Satanists do in England which has no Thanksgiving holiday, or in Canada which celebrates Thanksgiving on a different day from the US. She states that a Black Mass is celebrated yearly, on Easter Weekend when the moon is full. Because of the way in which Easter is defined, Satanists could not celebrate Mass yearly according to that formula; only about one year in seven. This book has been seriously damaged by an investigation by Personal Freedom Outreach, an Evangelical Christian ministry, which claims that the book is a fraud.

The authors of Michelle Remembers mention that Satanists' ritual days correspond to the Roman Catholic celebrations of the liturgical year. This book has been investigated by three independent investigators; all claim that it is a hoax. The authors had presented the book in countless conferences and to hundreds of thousands of readers as an accurate record of Michelle's childhood abuse experiences.

In his book Satanism, Bob Larson states that the most important Satanic day is the individual member's birthday. Walpurgisnacht (April 30) and Samhain (Hallowee; October 31) are also important. But in his Appendix D, he states that Satanists have copied the seasonal calendar of Wiccan Sabbats (eight seasonal days of celebration per year: solstices, equinoxes, and four major Sabbats approximately half-way between a sostice and equinox.)

In her book The New Satanists, Linda Blood stated that there are believed to be four major seasonal events in the Satanic calendar of which the Autumn Equinox was one. She mentioned that another is Walpurgisnacht. Presumably the others would be Halloween and the believer's birthday.

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The Dictionary of Cults, Sects, Religions and the Occult by Mather & Nichols, (Zondervan, 1993), P. 244, quotes The Satanic Bible as listing the main Satanic holidays as: Walpurgisnacht, Halloween, and the member's birthday. These are believed to be accurate.

From the above list we see:
bullet None of the conservative Christain authors list the correct number (3) of holidays.
bullet None of the authors list all of the names correctly.

bullet Many authors have simply taken Wiccan holidays and attributed them to Satanists.

bullet Most writers can only agree on Halloween as one of the ritual days.

bullet Roman Catholic writers link Satanic holidays to Roman Catholic holy days; Protestant authors link them to Protestant days of observance.

bullet There is no agreement as to which seasonal celebrations are the most important.

bullet There is no agreement concerning the day of the week for regular meetings.

bullet Many authors appear to be copying dates from other conservative Protestant or Roman Catholic books or from common sources. Most authors stress that Satanism is a highly structured, world-wide organization. One would expect that the seasonal days of celebration (and their titles) to be uniform. Since none of the authors list the correct celebration days, their knowledge this and of other aspects of Satanism is highly suspect.

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Author: B.A. Robinson

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