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The Gallup family ritual abuse
case in Roseburg, OR

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The Gallup family consists of Ed Gallup Sr., Mary Lou Gallup and son, Ed "Chip" Gallup. Jr. They are fundamentalist Christians who operated three Gallup Christian Day Care Centers in Roseburg OR. They were charged and convicted on multiple counts of improper sexual activity with children. Over 100 children disclosed stories of ritual child abuse and sexual molestation. Included were many activities found in other Satanic ritual abuse cases: the killing of animals, posing for pornographic pictures, ritual sexual abuse by robed adults. A unique feature of this case was that children said they were forced to go on a boat on the farm pond and shoot sharks -- apparently freshwater sharks.

Ed Sr. is a Nazarene minister. All three were given psychological evaluations which supported their innocence. The local media was biased against the defendants. A full-page advertisement was run in the local paper just before the first trial which said, in effect, that they were guilty.

Lona Manning wrote:

"The prosecutor in the Gallup Christian Day Care case openly admitted that Mr. and Mrs. Gallup and their son Chip were prosecuted not as Satanists but as child molesters, although he believed that Mrs. Gallup, a white haired ministerís wife, had been torturing children in satanic rituals for 20 years. He believed that

'The Gallups and some of the workers were sexually interacting amongst themselves and with the small children. ... they watched reruns of these videos and they were fed popcorn and [there were] incidents of animal torture and so we had to decide how we were doing to deal with that aspect of the case and so we focused our first two cases in particular on simple cases because we knew that the jury was going to have a terrible time of believing that kind of a situation'." 2

None of the videos were ever located during the investigation. 1

All three were found guilty in separate trials. A change of venue was obtained for the fourth trial. this probably contributed to an acquittal. Mary's conviction was overturned on a technicality. Some sources say that Ed Gallup Sr. and Chip Gallup both remain in jail. Others say that Ed Gallup Sr. has been released.

Josh Marquis commented on Satanic Ritual Abuse cases in his blog:

"Whether charges were laid or not doesnít seem to depend on the credibility of the allegations but upon the credulity of the investigators: Parents in both Roseburg, OR, and Cape Cod, MS, for example, believed their children had participated in satanic rituals that included murdering people. In Roseburg, three people were convicted and sent to prison; but in Cape Cod, the prosecutorís office refused to press charges and concluded that the childrenís stories were a "hoax," a fantasy. (No dead people were found in either case.) 1

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Later developments:

In 1992, Cavalcade Productions in Ukiah CA released a movie titled "Children at Risk: Ritual Abuse in America." It included allegations of ritual abuse of children in Roseburg OR. Mike Farrell (B.J.) of M.A.S.H. fame was the narrator. The movie includes a discussion by Bennett Braun who said that Satanic ritual abuse can generate Multiple Personality Disorder (a.k.a. MPD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID). He estimated that 25% of individuals who struggle with MPD have been ritually abused. The existence of MPD has since been rejected by most mental health professionals. It was believed to exist by some therapists during the 1980s and early 1990s but is now recognized as an artificial iatrogenic (physician induced) disorder that does not appear in nature. 3,4

We have a strong hunch that no abuse occurred at this day care by any of the Gallups. The approximately 100 children involved are now in their mid-20s. Most probably believe that their memories of the ritual abuse are accurate recollections of real events.

Unfortunately, there is very little information available on this case. Please contact us if you can fill in any details.

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