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Satanic/sadistic ritual abuse (SRA)

4: More indicators of its non-existence

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Ritual Abuse is also called SRA, Satanic Ritual Abuse,
Ritualistic Abuse, Sadistic Ritual Abuse, Cult Related Abuse, etc.

This essay is a continuation from Part 3

Indicator 12. Burial of corpses:

There have been countless instances in which a SRA survivor has taken police investigators to the exact location where she saw bodies being buried after human sacrifices. The police search the area and sometimes bring in heavy earth moving machinery to help. At most, they will recover a few bones from animals who have died of natural causes. No human bodies have ever been unearthed.

SRA promoters will counter the lack of corpses with the assertion that the Satanists came back later, secretly dug up the bodies and buried them elsewhere. They would have done this in order to ruin the credibility of any member who turned against the "cult". But this theory does not hold water. One has to dig a pit in order to bury a body. And, even when the pit is filled in, it is still detectable - often for tens of thousands of years. The change in soil consistency between firm, compacted dirt and loose dirt is easily detected. Bacteria will grow quickly in loose earth and change the soil color significantly. So, even if the bodies are removed, the filled-in pits would remain in place.

Indicator 13: Accidental discoveries by police or fire fighters:

One would expect that a building somewhere where SRA was practiced would eventually catch on fire. The fire fighters would then find evidence (pens for holding victims, blood soaked altar, etc.). Similarly, a SRA location would sooner or later be entered by the police in a drug raid, and evidence would be found. No such cases are known.

Indicator 14: Major government studies:

Investigations have been completed by five governments: the state of Virginia (1991), the state of Utah (1995), and the governments of Great Britain (1994), the Netherlands (1994) and the United States (1994). 1 All have shown that SRA does not exist at any significant level in their jurisdictions.

If SRA existed in any level, one would expect at least one government study somewhere would have found evidence of it.

Also, if SRA continues today, one would expect new government investigations. They appear to have stopped in the mid-1990s when belief in SRA tanked.

Indicator 15. Geographical distribution of SRA:

Belief about widespread SRA and a strong SRA industry exists only in countries, where belief of the reality of the Christian/Muslim devil as an evil, active, supernatural entity is widespread. These include the Australia, US, Canada, England, and New Zealand. With the possible exception of the Netherlands, "Satanic panics" have not been triggered in countries in which belief in the Satan is rare. They have fizzled in the rest of Europe.

If SRA exists internationally, one would expect it to be present in all nominally Christian countries.

Indicator 16. Where do the human sacrifices come from?

There are about 25,000 known homicides in the U.S. each year. SRA promoters typically claim that an additional 50,000 people, mostly infants, are killed in human sacrifices by Satanic (and similar) groups. Since the kidnapping of even one child can trigger a nation-wide search, it is difficult to comprehend how 50,000 infants and children could disappear and not be noticed.

SRA promoters often answer this argument with the concept of breeding camps. These are concentration camps in which thousands of women are kept prisoner, and continually kept pregnant. Their new-born babies are then transported across the US and Canada for sacrifice. One such camp near Cornwall ON is supposed to imprison 2,500 women. This would pose serious problems of concealment. Such a camp would be many times larger than the largest of Canadian penitentiaries, and would require a total staff of about 1000. Any of the staff could become instantly very rich by simply telling their story to the National Inquirer; it would be the story of the decade. Such a prison would be impossible construct or to keep hidden for long.

SRA would require a plentiful supply of babies for sacrifice. No such supply exists. 

Indicator 17. Gender imbalance among SRA perpetrators:

The SRA industry promotes the concept that most abuse and programming is done by parents of survivors; i.e. by both mother and father. The abuse, torture and human sacrifices by Satanists (or other groups) is viewed as both:

  1. intra-family: involving the victim, her mother, her father and perhaps grand parents'
  2. inter-family: involving a Satanic grotto composed of many mothers, fathers and their children.

The perpetrators are thus evenly divided between men and women.

However, the vast majority of sexual predators of children are male. Convicted pedophiles are almost all male; few females are ever involved. Thus the SRA industry's belief concerning the gender makeup of the perpetrators does not agree with decades of studies of sexual abusers.

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Indicator 18: Inter-generational continuity of abuse

The SRA industry promotes the concept that abuse is inter-generational in nature. That is that grandparents abuse their children who then grow up, become parents, and abuse their children, etc. Their belief is that SRA has existed for many decades, perhaps for centuries, and that one of the reasons for the abuse is to perpetuate the Satanic movement to include future generations.

At the same time, they promote the concept that survivors of SRA (adults with memories of having been ritually abused as children) are not child abusers themselves. They believe that children of survivors are not at risk.

These two concepts are mutually exclusive.

Indicator 19: The lack of continuously present memories:

Adults who report memories of childhood incest fall into two groups:

  1. those who have recovered memories during therapy - memories which were not present before therapy
  2. those who have always had the memories - continuously from childhood to the present time

Many professionals in the memory research and mental health fields suspect that many of the first group's memories are false. However, there are (sadly) plenty of people in the latter group who prove the existence of childhood incest, our most serious social problem.

Adults who report memories of childhood SRA fall into the same two groups. But only three people are known to be the second group: Michelle Smith, Laurie Stratford and "Elaine". Michelle and Laurie wrote books about their abuse which have been shown to be frauds. Rebecca Brown wrote a book about Elaine which has also shown to be a hoax.

If SRA really existed, one would expect that there would be thousands or tens of thousands of adults whose memories of childhood SRA were continuously with them - just like horrific memories of the Holocaust, Cambodian genocides, etc. have always been present in their victims. There seem to be no "always present" memories of SRA.

Portions of this series of documents were extracted from information sheets provided by the Wiccan Information Network. Used by permission.

Continue with more indicators that SRA does not exist.

Copyright 1995 to 2009 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Latest update: 2009-AUG-16
Author: B.A. Robinson

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