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The Robin Hood Hills murderer(s)

Additional material

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Topics covered in this essay:

bulletParadise Lost 2 - Revelation
bulletAre they guilty?
bulletHow to prove that they are innocent:

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Paradise Lost 2 - Revelation:

Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, the creators of the HBO film "Paradise Lost" prepared a sequel called "Paradise Lost 2: Revelation." It is was aired on HBO during 2000-MAR. It has been aired repeatedly since.

A spokesperson for the Betwixt & Between Community Center, a community center for Earth-centered spirituality commented on the original documentary: " 'Paradise Lost' incorporates actual courtroom footage and clandestine jailhouse interviews with behind-the-scenes strategy meetings and portraits of grief-stricken families. Named one of 1996's top ten films of the year by more than 35 major-market film critics, 'Paradise Lost' won an Emmy, Peabody and the National Board of Review 'Best Documentary' awards." The Community Center is featured on the sequel.

The original documentary, Paradise Loss, was extensively reviewed. You can read reviews at: the Cabin Fever Entertainment Inc. web site at:  

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Are they Guilty?

We believe that the crimes were perpetrated by two or more sexually sadistic psychopaths. A single murderer is possible but it might have been difficult for one person to control three 8 year olds without leaving evidence. In our opinion, there is no credible evidence that Satanism or any other occultic activity was involved. There is no evidence that any ritual took place in the woods. There is no evidence of any ritual tools having been used. There is no evidence of any evil, abusive, homicidal Satanic cult in the area (or elsewhere in North America, for that matter).

Misskelley's confession is worthless. It was probably composed completely from information that he had picked up from the media and/or from rumors circulating locally. Probably any teenager with reduced intellectual abilities would have confessed and told the police what they wanted to know, in order to end the interrogation.

His successful passing of a polygraph test is an excellent indicator of his innocence:

bulletHe answered nine questions truthfully, indicating that he had no knowledge or involvement with the murders.

bulletHe lied when asked question 4: "Do you smoke dope?"

bulletHe later admitted to that he had lied when asked question 4.

Unfortunately, lie detector tests are only about 85% accurate and thus are inadmissible in court.

The trial was not fair. The jurors were biased because of the sensational articles in the media between the murders and the trial. Also, most jurors probably believed that occultic murders are commonplace. The defense was hopelessly underfunded.

The police were negligent in not following up properly on other leads. They seemed to have bowed to public pressure to find suspects, and then ignored other possible murderers while they made every effort to find the three teenagers guilty.

The testimony at the hearing shows that the child victim was not bitten by any of the three youths. It is possible that someone stumbled across the crime scene and bit one of the victims after the murder(s) had left. But we consider it unlikely. It would seem fairly obvious that the West Memphis 3 are not guilty of the murder of the three children. The actual murderer(s) are probably roaming free.

We have supported the innocence of the West Memphis 3 since before their trial. Every time that the case receives publicity, we receive numerous angry Emails attacking us for our stance. Hopefully, these nasty Emails should now end. It feels good to be on the winning side.

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How to prove their innocence:

The following paragraphs are redundant as of late 2007, because the lack of DNA evidence from the WM3 at the murder scene proved beyond reasonable doubt that the WM3 are innocent.

A polygraph (lie detector) test is only 85% accurate. It is thus inadmissible in a court of law. The test that Jessie Misskelley took shows that he is probably innocent. But the test is not conclusive. There is a 15% chance that he is actually guilty.

Consider a polygraph test given to a second defendant: If he passed, then the chance that they are not both guilty rises from 85% to about 98%. If all three defendants passed their lie detector tests, then the chance that any one of them is innocent is 85%; the chance that they are not all guilty rises to 99.6%.

Of course, if you believe that Satan exists and has supernatural powers, then an alternative logical conclusion would be that Satan is able to cloud the mind of the polygraph examiner and allowed the defendants to pass the test even though they were actually guilty.

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Legal defense fund:

Winona Ryder hosted a "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" art show in Los Angeles.  The exhibit opened on 2003-SEP-6 at the Sixspace gallery, and includeed artwork by Marilyn Manson and a spoken-word performance by Jello Biafra -- the former frontman for the Dead Kennedys.

The profit was used to support the legal defense fund of the West Memphis Three (WM3). Their immediate goal was to raise sufficient funds to pay for DNA testing. In  2007, the absence of DNA of the WM3 at the crime scene proved beyond reasonable doubt that the three are innocent.

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Reference used:

  1. Jon Sparks, "LA art show seeks $$ for DNA tests for WM3," at:

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Copyright © 1997 to 2011 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Last updated: 2011-AUG-19
Author: B.A. Robinson
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