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After the Rapture:

Helping loved ones & friends who are left behind

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What is "The Rapture:"

Most Evangelical and other conservative Christian churches teach that all saved Christians are going to be removed from this earth in the near future. In what is often called the "secret rapture," saved Christians who are deceased will have their remains reconstituted and converted into spiritual bodies. They will rise from the grave to meet Jesus in the sky. When this process is completed, all saved Christians living on Earth will also rise. It will be the greatest miracle in the history of mankind. Jesus will descend from the clouds. Many tens of millions of Americans and many more tens of millions of Christians from other countries will rise to meet Him. They will disappear from the face of the earth and never be seen again by those who are left behind -- mostly in a state of confusion.

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What about the those who are left behind?

As glorious as the Rapture experience will be for the saved, many Evangelical pastors, theologians and authors teach that the state of the billions of unsaved people will be truly frightening. From the prophetic books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation, they have concluded:

  • There will be mass disorientation as those left behind try to make sense out of the sudden disappearance of tens of millions of people.

  • A seven year period of disturbance and destruction, called the Tribulation is assocated with the rapture. Most denominations teach that it will follow immediately after the rapture.

  • The Antichrist will rule the world. He will come from Europe, gain political control of the world (perhaps by gaining control of the United Nations), make peace with Israel, and then attempt to destroy much of humanity, concentrating on  the Jews, and those new Christians who will have been saved since the Rapture.

  • Armageddon will follow. This is a massive war -- one larger than any the world has ever seen. Multiple billions of people will die.

  • The survivors will see Jesus rule the world for a period that will last a millennium, 1,000 years.

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What about your unsaved loved ones and friends?

Some people who study the implications of the rapture have predicted that it will produce an immediate  massive breakdown in all aspects of society as we know it:

  • planes, trucks, ships, cars, busses, etc. will crash because their pilots, drivers, captains were raptured, and the vehicles will go out of control.

  • many companies will collapse because so many key individuals will have been raptured.

  • a complete economic, governmental and financial collapse will follow.

  • emergency services will be totally overloaded; many of their personnel will be raptured. Many of those left behind will need extensive medical and other help.

  • electric power, gas, oil, and telephone services will be intermittent.

  • The rise of the Antichrist can only make a desperate situation even worse.
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How can you ease their anxiety suffering?

One of the greatest needs of those left behind will be for information.

  • Millions will be shaken to their core by the demonstration of God's power during the Rapture. They will become convinced that the Bible is true and that they need to be saved through repentance and trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior. But many will not know how to gain salvation.

  • Millions will be confused about the Rapture, They will struggle to understand what has happened and will have dozens of personal questions.

  • Adding to the confusion will be the inevitable rumors circulating among survivors: that the events were caused by a foreign contry to wipe out Christianith; that it was caused by invaders from outer space; that some type of plague has hit causing death and the disappearance of bodies, etc. There may well be a lack of accurate information concerning the rapture.

Radio, TV, and the newspapers might not be available to the unsaved who are  left behind. Fortunately, the core functionality of the Internet should survive the effects of the Rapture. It was designed from its inception to function, even though large parts of it become inoperative. The World Wide Web may be as slow as molasses in January. Millions of websites will be offline. However, Email should still work well as messages automatically bypass the servers that are offline and seek a path to the recipient through the servers that are still online.

Menbers of the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance can supply information after the Rapture, about: salvation, the Tribulation, other events to be anticipated, etc. We can interact with your loved ones and friends via Email. They will have a place to turn for help, support, and encouragement.

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Our Commitment:

We are a group of 5 adults (one Christian; four non-Christians). Four of us fully expect to remain behind if and when the Rapture ocurrs. We personally commit to work up to a maximum of 6 days a week, 10 hours a day giving highest priority to answering Email questions from those left behind who are registered with us. We will supply them answers to their personal questions. We will send them Biblically based essays explaining:

  • how to be saved,
  • the nature of the Rapture,
  • the nature of the Tribulation,
  • the Antichrist and his expected activities

so that they can make sense out of the unfolding events.

If time permits, we will respond to Emails from persons who are not registered with us. But we will only do this after first handling all of the requests from those who have been registered.

We will maintain a list of registered names at two locations in North America separated by about 150 miles, to guard against loss.

We are the ideal group to handle this task because:

  • We have researched the Rapture and associated events and are thoroughly familiar with evangelical teachings.
  • Most of would be left behind after the Rapture.
  • Two of us have had training and years of experience as volunteers on a distress/crisis/suicide prevention hot line, and are familiar with anxious people in crisis.
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Our offer:

We will register your family members, friends, co-workers - anyone you wish -- at $5.00 per person -- for a period of 10 years. You do the following:

Step 1:

Click on this logo to make a payment via PayPal to If you are not already one of the tens of millions of PayPal users, you can sign up with them for free.


Click on the amount that you would like to send via your Visa, MasterCard, AMEX or Discover card by SECURE Credit Card Transaction, in U.S. dollars, 


Send us a letter with a check or money order for a payment of $5.00 per person that you want registered to: OCRT, PO Box 128, Watertown, NY, 13601-0128.

Step 2:

Email us at with the subject "Rapture Help," listing your name, zip or postal code, and the name(s) and email addresses of the person(s) you want to register. We will Email back to confirm your registration.

Step 3:

Inform the people that you have registered their Email address with us at, and tell them to Email us after the Rapture happens, whenever they have questions.

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Please Email us.

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Biblical references about the Rapture:

1 Thessalonians 4:17

1 Corinthians 15:51-53

Mark 13:26-17

John 14:1-3

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This service is sponsored by the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (OCRT). We have maintained a very large web site on the Internet since 1995.

Last update: 2016-FEB-16

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