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Pope Benedict XVI approved on 2007-JUL-10 a document written by William Cardinal Levada, head of the Roman Catholic's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It is called: "Responses to Some Questions Regarding Certain Aspects of the Doctrine on the Church. 1

The following are some of the over 600 responses to an article by Richard Owen and Ruth Gledhill in The Times Online on 2007-JUL-11. 1 The title of the article is: "If it isnít Roman Catholic then itís not a proper Church, Pope tells Christians."

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Some responses by individuals:

bullet Gloria, Freehold, NJ:
"As ... an adherent of a non-Christian religion, it is utterly amazing to me that in the 21st century, after all the wars fought over religion and all the millions killed, even today people are still arguing about whose God is better and whose church is true!! As an outsider looking it, it boggles the mind!"
bullet Wayne Paul, Edmonton, AB, Canada:

"I think all of the powers of reason and logic are explicitly clear! The very moment two denominations disagree on a single solitary particle of faith, then we have a scientific, irrefutable fact - ONE of them is not the true Church, established by Christ Himself."
bullet Michael Nye, Coinbrook, Sough, UK: "

"Of course the Pope is right - If you are a devout Catholic. If you are of any other faith then the Pope is wrong, and it is ONLY your own faith that is right. Isn't this, precisely, what is wrong with the world today. Spiritual leaders should be working towards harmonization of world cultures, not pontificating on their own right to religious doctrine against all others in the world. Perhaps we may see the Inquisition resurrected once more."

"One particular point that I am pleased about, this particular statement reinforces my belief in the divisiveness that is the only offering that religion has to contribute. ..."

bullet Lisa, Boston MA:

"Wake up people! Wake up Catholic Church! Jesus and his apostles were all Jewish!! If anyone has a legitimate path directly to Jesus it is the Jews! So much for the 'true church'. And oh, by the way, Jesus did not establish a 'church.' First and foremost he was a Jew and preached to a Jewish audience. The Catholic church has misrepresented the teachings and twisted the words of the Jewish Messiah--Yeshua! What a step backward for ecumenical dialog between the different faiths. The RCC should focus more on cleaning up their sins of child molestation, greed, and power than taking the ego-manical stance that they have a monopoly on salvation. There are many pathways to God to those who seek the truth."

bullet Tony Gold, Chiang Mai, Thailand"
"Some would say that all received belief systems, such as Christianity, Islam, or ... Judaism, are designed as mass control systems of humanity. Others might say that Constantine's implemented control system - the Roman church and salvationism through the executed Nazarene - has engendered much violence and inhuman behavior in this world. And still others might reflect that what Ratzinger stands for is not so different from the Aryan Christian fundamentalism of Hitler's political party. I would go further, and say that religion is a cancer invading the human psyche. It is what we do that matters, not what we subscribe to or delude ourselves with."
bullet Mark D, Dublin, Ireland:
"As usual, most of the comments generate heat but shed little light. Regardless of what the Pope said the same retinue of faith bashers would spout on, sporting their total ignorance about complex theological issues. Naturally the 'discourse' has to rake over the crusades, the inquisition, clerical child abuse and the Nazis. Someone soon will find a link between the Vatican and Global warming. Throw in a few lines from the Bible to support your tirade or a bit of pop psychology and hey presto another little Dawkins clone is born. It is astounding how juvenile, and frankly uneducated, most comments have been. The relative anonymity of email gives people the courage to write comments that they would be embarrassed to repeat in front a crowd."
bullet Chris Mason, Cheltenham, UK:
"The truth is always provocative and challenging. The truth will also set you free and will bring you into full communion with Christ. Clearly Christ founded His Church on the 12 Apostles making them the authentic leaders of the Church on earth. The laying on of hands by these 12 Apostles and their successors (the authentic making of bishops and priests) makes the Catholic Church the authentic Church of Christ through the ages. The Church of England, for example, was founded so that one man, Henry VIII, could divorce or kill his wives. Full communion with Christ means accepting Christ's authority in your life which includes accepting the apostolic authority which Christ gave the 12 Apostles and their authentic successors."

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Reference used:

  1. Richard Owen and Ruth Gledhill, "If it isnít Roman Catholic then itís not a proper Church, Pope tells Christians," The Times Online, 2007-JUL-11. at:

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Copyright © 2007 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally posted: 2007-JUL-17
Latest update: 2007-JUL-17
Author: B.A. Robinson

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