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USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll of 2005-APR-1 & 2:

Three information groups cooperated to conduct a public opinion poll among 254 Roman Catholic American adults as Pope John Paul II was dying. The margin of error is ~+mn~7 percentage points. This was part of a larger study of 1040 American adults.

Some results:

Question Great Deal Moderate Amt. Not much Not at all No opinion
How much does the choice of the next pope matter? 36% 29% 16% 19% 0
How much does it matter to the world? 55 34 7 4 0

Question Yes No No opinion
Will Pope John Paul II be made a saint? 71% 18% 11%


Question Inspired Not affected strongly No opinion
Did you find inspiration in the way the pope handled his health problems? 51% 48% 1%

Question One of the greatest Great Good Average Below average No opinion
How will Pope John Paul II be judged by history? 67% 21% 7% 2% 1 2


Question More conservative About the same More liberal No opinion
Should the next pope be: 4% 59% 34% 3%

Question Acceptable Unacceptable No opinion
What if the next pope were chosen from Latin America? 85% 12% 3%
From Africa? 80 17 3
From Asia? 78 19 3

Question Yes No No opinion
Should the next pope allow Catholics to use birth control? 78% 21% 1%
Allow priests to marry 63 36 1
Relax doctrine on stem cell research 59 36 5
Allow women to become priests 55 44 1
Allow Catholics to divorce & remarry without getting an annulment 49 48 3
Relax church doctrine on abortion 37 59 4

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References used:

  1. Susan Page, "Survey reveals affection, respect for John Paul," USA Today, 2005-APR-3, at:

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Copyright 2005 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally posted: 2005-APR-06
Latest update: 2005-APR-06
Author: B.A. Robinson

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