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CNN.com invited visitors to its news web site to send a brief note sharing their views on the death of the pope. They received thousands of responses. A few from Europe are listed below. Some have been edited.

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European Emails received by CNN:

bulletI am not a religious person, but mankind has to be thankful for such a person that brought his holiness and wisdom to us. His death will keep a memory of good and righteousness for this world of uncertainty. May he rest in peace, and the world shall rejoice in his being. Mechille Stoof; Woerden, Netherlands
bulletMy heart is bleeding for the departure of our pope. He was a brave man who held firmly the principles of Christian religion, and fought with all his soul and all his body against death and war. Michele; Piacenza, Italy
bulletPolish poet, priest Jan Twardowski wrote: "Hurry to love pople, they go away so quickly." For me, Pope John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla, was a man who was explaining this sentence to the whole world with all his life. I, friends of mine, almost every person asked here in Poland, we all feell like orphans. Seems like we have all lost a close family member. Rest in peace, father. Andrzej Browarski; Opole, Poland
bulletI am a Muslim but still I have had a high regard to the moral and religious values as projected by the pope in his 26-year-old papacy and also an admirer to his teachings of liberalism and maintaining of human dignity in the eyes of every human being, as all are equal under the divine principles. Rizwan; Southampton, United Kingdom
bulletI admire his charisma, his unshakeable stand in what he believed. He certainly made a lot of impact on respect for human dignity, freedom and religious tolerance all around the world as well as made a case for the poor. Adieu papa. Nnah Kay; Bucharest, Romania
bulletLet him rest in peace. He was a great man, he has made so much for the whole world. Without him, my country wouldn't be democratic. It is a great loss for Poland and the world. For me, he was the greatest Pole in history. Varin; Szczecin, Poland
bulletI think in the coming future he will be declared a saint. He was not a pope of the Vatican but of all the word. I feel proud that in 1999 I was chosen as an altar boy with other 19 altar boys from Malta to go to serve a summer in St. Peter's Basilica.... In 1999 he was already weak... but was a man of great courage. Nicholas Schemri; Malta
bulletI met him 15 years ago and can honestly say it still lives with me as one of the most significant moments in my short life. A truly great man who will be sorely missed. RIP. Andrew Marshall; Glasgow, UK
bulletEven though I am not Catholic I am crying for the loss of the pope. How one man can be loved by all, whatever race or religion, is a miracle in itself. Susan Bellini; Florence, Italy
bulletThe Holy Father's two visits to this country were highlights in the lives of Catholics and many non-Catholics alike. I shall never forget his braving the snow and cold during the outdoor Mass held in Sarajevo in 1997. His intrepidity and tenacity are unique and his work and legacy timeless. Ksenija Kondali; Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
bulletAs both an atheist and a liberal, I would be hard pressed to come up with many things on which I could agree with the pope and many of his pronouncements I found downright offensive. But he was a man of peace, a man who loved all humans and a man of conviction, and that must always be respected and honored. Christopher Hughey; Paris, France
bulletI lost my faith in Christianity some time ago. But I really admire a man like John Paul II. Over his 26 years he has done so many things for the people of the world. And as long as the world remembers him he will never die! Thank you Karol Josef Wojtyla. Vida Norbert; Budapest, Hungary
bulletWhen you saw him, you thought he wanted to tell you that he loves you. He had enough love for all the world. The pope has made me who I am and changed my entire life. He has shown the world the dignity of life and that, no matter what, it is forever sacred. Only in this way can we stop our turning into a culture of death. I hope he rests in eternal peace with God. And I hope that whenever we look at the sky, his warmth, love and wisdom will guide our hearts through the night. Evelina Sernaite; Vilnius, Lithuania
bulletI did not agree with many of John Paul II's ideas, probably because I am not a Catholic or even a Christian. However, no one can deny the immense force for good that this man has had in the last three decades. Whether or not he was in the right, the deceased pope always acted out of the conviction that he was doing God's will, and more importantly he always acted. Andy Campbell; Rome, Italy

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References used:

bullet"Pope John Paul II: Your e-mails: Europe," 2005-APR-03, CNN.com, at: http://www.cnn.com/

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Copyright © is held by the various Emailers
Originally posted: 2005-APR-04
Latest update: 2005-APR-04

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