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CNN.com invited visitors to its news web site to send a brief note sharing their views on the death of the pope. They received thousands of responses. A few from Asia and the Middle East are listed below. Some have been edited.

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Asian & Middle Eastern Emails received by CNN:

bulletPope John Paul II was a man of great honor. His clear and unbiased soul is a great loss to mankind at this stage of evolution where it is hard to find a man with such virtues that Pope John Paul possess. We all are going to miss his unchallenged spiritual authority for the cause of social justice and for the betterment of mankind, regardless of any religion or ethnic group. Hassaan Ahmed; Kuwait
bulletWhen Pope John Paul II came here to celebrate the 10th World Youth Day, it was the day I saw the pope in his popemobile for the first and last time. It was a great feeling, it's just unexplainable, and up to now I can clearly remember him: His rosy cheeks and his hands waving at the crowd as he passed by. Pope John Paul II is the epitome of a great man and a good servant of God. Myla; Phillipines
bulletIf the world had but another 100 men or women like him leading 100 countries, can you imagine how wonderful this world would be? Gerry Javellana; Bacolod City, Philippines
bulletI would like to express my grief, gratitude and sorrow for the pope. May God bless him as he did for the people of all religions for 26 years. He is a great man. Bhavin Pradhan; Kathmandu, Nepal
bulletPope John Paul II, healer, teacher and provider of hope in our dark hours. We will certainly miss his fatherly smile and prayers for Lebanon and the world. Paul Nader; Lebanon
bulletI feel that Pope John Paul II was a pope who really played his part well according to the will of God. My family, Indian friends & me were broken down with intense grief. We all will miss him. I have had the opportunity to encounter His Holiness personally. May his soul rest in peace. Mackenzie; Mumbai, India
bulletFirstly, I am a Buddhist. Pope John Paul II was very exceptional in that he was from outside Italy, had the third longest reign as the pope, traveled to many corners of the world, brought dignity and vigor to the papacy and, most importantly, made a significant contribution to world peace by helping to expose communism and end the Cold War. Lionel Rajapakse; Kandy, Sri Lanka
bulletIrrespective of religion, we could not help but feel the great loss at the passing away of this great pope. His dedication and love for all creeds is an inspiration to all. Tavorn Jaijarat; Bangkok, Thailand
bulletIn the context of a 2,000 year old bureaucracy burdened by dogma, John Paul II managed to address historical offenses, acknowledge the present scientific and technological vexations; balancing these, while being true to his vision of a true Catholic Church. Bernie Hanlon; Beijing, China
bulletI think Pope John Paul II was a great legend, his way of dealing with world peace is a unique way. His fame is not because he is a Catholic leader but a man with great principles ... who influences people to have faith. He has laid the path of serenity. Shyju Lonappan; Bangalore, India
bulletThough not bearing much knowledge about his religious teachings, as expected from a person of a different religion, I still have the feeling that he was among the greatest saints of all times. With my limited knowledge, I can only conclude that it's really a big, irreparable loss to the whole world. May God give corresponding peace and rewards to his soul for all rendered services on his part. Yahya Vana; Karachi, Pakistan
bulletHe is truly the man of two centuries, and deserves to be called Pope John Paul the Great, as we unlikely are going to see another pope like him in centuries. His teachings, achievements and ethics are going to live with the humanity for centuries to come. God bless his soul. Tony Alam; Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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References used:

bullet"Pope John Paul II: Your e-mails: Asia," 2005-APR-03, CNN.com, at: http://www.cnn.com/

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Copyright © is held by the various Emailers
Originally posted: 2005-APR-04
Latest update: 2005-APR-04

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