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CNN.com invited visitors to its news web site to send a brief note sharing their views on the death of the pope. They received thousands of responses. A few from Africa are listed below. Some have been edited.

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African Emails received by CNN:

bulletI am a Muslim from Nigeria, but I admire a person who is decent and honest. John Paul II touched the lives of almost everyone on this Earth. He was trustworthy, humble and kind. His teachings made this world a better place. I hope that people in all places will remember this example and follow in his footsteps. Zahraddeen Sanusi; Dutse-Jigawa, Nigeria
bulletThis man was a true and faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. His rule came at a most critical time in Church and secular history. No lesser man could have stopped the rapid decline of the sixties and early seventies into apostasy, spiritual darkness and hopelessness. His love, fairness and firmness is in accordance with the nature of the Lord he served. His love as responsibility stood on the firm ground that the secular world does not set the agenda for God's Church but the Church must influence and give moral direction to the world. Fred Shaw; Middelburg, South Africa
bulletWhat a wonderful example set to the entire world by this 84-year-old man. In this superficial youth-crazy world it is so uplifting to see what an older person can still achieve and contribute on such a scale. We must follow this shining example and start to revere our older citizens again, instead of just writing them off and forgetting about them. Our father the pope has left a legacy of love and tolerance that it will be a shame to squander. Loving Papa, rest in peace at last. Theresa Garnowski; Zvishavane, Zimbabwe
bulletA man of honor. I was personally touched with his act of forgiveness. He is a kind of leader that as set a legacy to follow. The pope is not just a great man... he is an exceptional great man. Omoniyi Ben; Mafoluku, Nigeria
bulletAs my name displays I am a Muslim, yet sadness and sorrow were felt when we heard the news. His fight against communism, poverty and hatred are all white pages in the history of mankind that makes any man from any religion or belief stop and honor this human character for its courage. We also won't forget how he tried to make different religions open channels of peaceful communications between each other so that man can talk about his beliefs in halls instead of wars and battles. His wisdom was obvious in speeches and actions. My sincere condolences to the Vatican and all Catholics around the world, we will miss him very much. Mohamed Gambolaty; Cairo, Egypt
bulletThe pope has really brought the love of neighbor into the world. He has visited all parts of the world preaching for freedom of everybody, repentance of sin and the way to salvation. God sent him to work and preach Christ, he has achieved it. May his soul rest in perfect peace. Iwuh Ferdinand Emeka; Portharcourt, Nigeria
bulletHe was a man of wisdom, dignity, advocate of peace and above all the father of all. I am a youth and I had been inspired by his works. He traveled around the world, uniting all (despite) so many differences...let alone the rift between the so-called popular religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism.... Indeed, he was the man of all times. He will not be missed by his house (Catholics) only, but the whole world will miss him too. Alpheus Mogwe; Gaborone, Botswana
bulletPope John Paul II is a nice man. I love the way he talked and I remember the way he came to Nigeria to talk with our late head of state (Abacha). No matter anything, may God bless his soul and may the good Lord grant him perfect place in heaven. Cathy; Lagos, Nigeria
bulletPope John Paul II was a living saint. He will be remembered forever, especially his philosophy "Faith and Reason." May he enjoy eternal rest.  Thomas; Arusha, Tanzania
bulletThe pope was honest, caring, friendly, generous, nice and very special. He equalized everyone and was always a simple man. The death of this great man has shocked the whole world. The light has gone out of our lives and there is darkness everywhere, our father is no more. Kodou; Banjul, Gambia
bulletIt's a very sad thing to hear about the pope's death as he was a man of peace. He was a great man and the world has lost a great leader. I am sure he will be in heaven where all the angels will be waiting to receive him. I hope his successor will continue with his good intentions and work. Tony Isaac Shallop; Freetown, Sierra Leone
bulletThis man was sent to us to teach us wisdom, patience, tolerance and above all humility. I wish and pray that all mankind begin to learn these lessons. He was a legend and should be remembered by all mankind as a peaceful human being. May his soul rest in peace. Paul; Cape Town, South Africa
bulletJohn Paul dies! I cry for myself and weep for the world (this world of terror, torture, immorality and corrupt practices). Where thence lies hope, without a pope (like there never will be)? Joseph Ajegwu; Kano, Nigeria

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References used:

bullet"Pope John Paul II: Your e-mails: Africa," 2005-APR-03, CNN.com, at: http://www.cnn.com/

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Copyright © is held by the various Emailers
Originally posted: 2005-APR-04
Latest update: 2005-APR-04

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