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Islamophobia at the time of 9/11


Verbal attacks on Muslims, mostly by
conservative Christians, at the time of 9/11

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bullet " the long run, this war can only be won if people of differing faiths, and no faith at all, are able to learn to live with each other – as, for the most part, and underlying this nation’s strength, they have in America." Andrew Tobias 1

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In this section, we have described vicious attacks on Islam by a number of well known religious leaders. They are all from the extreme conservative wing of Evangelical Christianity, or Roman Catholicism. We are not trying to pick on religious conservatives. We will include attacks by mainline and liberal Christians here, if we find any. None have surfaced to date.

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Topics included in this section:

bulletOpinions about Islam by Americans
bulletAttacks by conservative Protestant leaders: (Franklin Graham, Benny Hinn, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart, Chuck Baldwin)
bullet Reaction to the attacks by an American Muslim group, A Washington Post columnist, the U.S. Government, mainline and liberal Christian leaders.
bullet Reaction to the attacks by fellow Fundamentalist and other Evangelicals.
bulletAttacks by Roman Catholics

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  1. Andrew Tobias, "It was my fault," 2001-SEP-17, at:

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Copyright © 2001 to 2010 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 2001-SEP-19
Latest update: 2010-AUG-02
Author: B.A. Robinson

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