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General information on religion:
Origins, links, quotes, news, holy days,
myths & legends, doubt, glossary of terms,

See elsewhere in this web site for descriptions of beliefs and practices of specific religious groups

Key individual essays:

bullet How beliefs differ among (and within) various religions
bullet How Christians establish their beliefs and policies
bullet How religion initially developed

Donated essays:

bullet The Axial Age and its consequences: times of rapid change
bullet Why religion can inspire so much evil as well as good
bullet What causes religiously motivated intolerance, hatred, violence, etc?
bullet What believers think of their own religion, compared to other faiths
bullet The importance of balance among the many dimensions of faith
bullet Can a person be both a Christian and a Muslim?
bullet About God as viewed by many different religions
bullet The Ethics of Reciprocity a.k.a. The Golden Rule
bullet Religious myths and legends
bullet Which is the "true" Christian denomination, according to evangelicals, Mormons, etc.
bullet Which is the "true" religion? 

bulletHow public opinion polls lie, either intentionally or by accident: Part 1 Part 2

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Key sections:


Basic religious data: dozens of essays on religions; numbers of members, practices, trends, policies, abuse, predictions for the future, holy days, etc.

bullet The importance of doubt in religious faith
bullet Recommended books on theology, religion and spirituality
bullet Links to other religious sites
bullet Quotes: religious, philosophical & humorous
bullet Glossary of religious terms [A to Z] 

bullet Jewish, Christian & Muslim conflicts over Jerusalem and its Temple Mount

Reducing religion-inspired conflict:

bullet By balancing organized religions' expectations
bullet By removing passages from holy books that promote hatred, violence, etc.

bullet A listing of some of the above passages in the Bible
bullet By proper use of the Golden Rule
bullet By modifying how religion is taught
bullet The menorah incident at Billings, MT

Religion in the news:

bullet Today's news: items from various news sources

bullet News of religious intolerance, change, and conflict

bullet News of religious tolerance and spirituality

Religious terms and language:

bullet Differences between Evangelical Christians and others, over meanings of religious words

bullet Religious terms with multiple meanings
bullet Religion

bullet Witchcraft

bullet Paganism

bullet Occult

bullet Use of religious terms in essays and articles

bullet A good example of how not to report religious information