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Comparing different religions & faith groups

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Elsewhere in this web site, we describe the beliefs, practices, history, etc. of dozens of different religions separately.

This section compares and contrasts the beliefs and practices of:

bullet Pairs or groups of religions, (e.g. Christianity and Islam), and
bullet Different wings within a single religion (e.g. Roman Catholicism and conservative Protestantism).

There are many conflicting definitions of the term "Christian" in use today. Throughout this web site, we define a "Christian" to be an individual or group who sincerely, prayerfully, and thoughtfully considers themselves to be Christian. Others define "Christian" much more narrowly.

Comparing different religions:

bullet Terms:
bullet What the term "religion" means to different people

bullet How cults, sects and denominations differ
bullet Information:

Religious affiliations -- comparing the U.S. and the world as a whole


Selecting holy texts from the world's religions for public meditation rooms, personal library, etc. 

bullet Shared beliefs:
bullet The Ethic of Reciprocity -- the "Golden Rules"
bullet Exceptions to these ethics

bullet Can a person be both a Christian and a Muslim?

bulletB'nai Israel in the Qur'an

bullet Contrasting beliefs:
bullet About creation, evolution and other theories of origins

bullet About deity, religious practices, religious beliefs, etc.

bullet Comparing religions:
bullet Christianity and Islam
bullet Christian and Muslim growth rates

bullet Comparing the Ten Commandments with verses from the Qur'an

bullet Christianity and Buddhism
bullet Funeral and mourning customs in Buddhism, Christianity and Islam; an article by Miranda Booker
bullet Similar rituals:
bullet Coming of age rituals

Comparing different faith groups within a religion:


Differences within Christianity:

bullet Contrasting beliefs:
bullet Between Roman Catholicism and Conservative Protestantism

bullet Between the conservative, and liberal wings in Protestantism

bullet Conflicts within mainline Protestant denominations
bullet Terms:
bullet Differences in the meanings of words between Evangelicals and others
bullet Causes:
bullet Different ways to interpret the Bible

bullet Examples: interpreting the same passage in different ways

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