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An essay donated by Susan Humphreys

Part 4 of 4:

Nothing comes from Nothing: A broad-ranging
discussion of God, Logos, Deism, Gnosticism,
Evil, Physics, Energy, and the Golden Rule:

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This topic is a continued from the previous essay.

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  • Assumption 3. Energy appears in four forms (Cont'd).

    • C. Principles are the third form energy takes, what I call a loose confederation of those AO particles. These are the “fundamental interactions” that transfer those little AO particles from one piece of matter to another. These are the “laws” of Physics, governing the movement of objects and the interactions of particles, they are the explanations that describe and define how gravity works, thermodynamics, fluid science, you name it.

    A “Principle” is something that arises when something changes creating a new Principle governing the action that then causes further changes. Principles are both cause and effect. They cause actions but also are a response to actions.

    A Principle is an action that brings about change. It is brought into existence because something else changes making its existence necessary, and contingent upon the circumstances around it. Principles are connected to Matter, to things but without that thing, that something/Matter to act on, the Principle doesn’t exist. There are two kinds of Principles, Physical and non-Physical.

    Let me give an example of how these Principles change as a situation changes. A rock sitting on a hillside is affected by, governed by the laws of gravity, friction, heat and cold, water movement, etc. IF I come along and accidentally or on purpose, kick that rock and send it tumbling down the hillside, I have transferred some of my energy (through the action/Principle of kicking) to the rock to set the rock in motion. The initial Principles that governed or described what the sitting rock was doing, the action of the unmoving rock, cease to exist, they change as the Principles that describe, define, govern the rock moving down the hillside come into existence to describe, define, govern the action taking place. The Principles are still about Gravity, Friction, Heat and Cold and the action of Water but because the situation has changed different aspects of these Principles are now at work. Once the rock stops moving those Principles change to new Principles contingent upon the new situation the rock is in that describe, define and govern what now happens to the rock, the energy being released by weathering or energy that passes on to water when water is backed up in a stream and then tumbles over the top of the rock as it continues on its way downhill.

    Principles in this sense are fairly easy to understand. They are physical processes. These physical processes explain why some Things and Beings have more energy than other Things and Beings and how they lose energy over time and how energy is transferred from one Thing or Being to another Thing or Being.

    I think that there are also abstract, non-physical processes, what we call Social and Psychological Principles that involve interactions or define or explain the interactions of human beings. These Principles are abstract in nature, and include such things as emotions and thoughts, ideas about Good/Bad, Moral/Immoral, they explain group dynamics (mob actions), define personal behaviors, etc. By “abstract” we mean they are thoughts or ideas, not concrete objects that we can see or touch or hold in our hand.

    There is no doubt that these social/psychological Principles also involve interactions that transfer energy from one piece of matter to another. We know that mobs, for example seem to have a great deal more energy than any individual in the group possesses if he/she was not in the mob. We know how our Thoughts, can trigger actions, even if we don’t fully understand what triggers our Thoughts. We also know that our Moral convictions (ideas) can trigger or stop our actions and our emotions, cause us to expend energy or conserve energy.

    I think that what separates living matter (Beings) from non-living matter (Things) are that living matter are able to create the Principles within their structures that initiate change. Non-living things depend on outside forces to initiate the Principles that bring about change (and remember change is the use of energy). This doesn’t mean that living things are not affected by outside influences, because we all know they are, it just means that they are able to initiate a Principle to deal with the changes that occur in their environment.

    ONLY when it is condensed/combined/bonded or packed together can energy actually do work but it takes a Principle to actually bring about the change that expends energy, doing work. Floating around by its self energy is dormant! Matter without Principles is also dormant, not working but ready and able to work as soon as the right Principle develops to put it to work. I think there is a moral Principle in this, “Alone we are nothing. Together we are everything!”

    • D. The fourth form of energy are Black Holes, just packed energy, no nuclear bonds are formed so matter doesn’t form, or nuclear bonds are broken as matter enters a black hole, and the AO particles are freed but since they can’t escape they get jammed in together until the pressure gets to great and they explode out, one end or the other or in all directions at once, causing a Big Bang.

    We know black holes exist, they do work, pull objects into them, and distort the movement of objects around them, but we can’t see them. You can’t see a hole, only what surrounds the hole, so we know there is energy there.

Most of us don’t have trouble grasping the idea that things that we can’t see exist. We can feel the wind, and heat, and cold although we don’t “see” those things. I think this is the dilemma the ancient Greek Philosophers were aware of when they thought up the idea of “forms” for concepts such as “good” or “bad”. We know about gravity, and we feel emotions in ourselves and in other people, none of these do modern men see as being actual “Things”, objects, animated life forms.

If we can’t see these things I mention above it isn’t hard for people to accept that they can’t see God and that God can still exist. So where does God fit into all of this, if he exists?

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If my arguments are correct that our Universe is a closed system, made up of Energy and Energy appears in four forms, where does God fit into this scheme of things?

  • Is God form A: the Dormant AO particles. In the earlier Philosophical argument I mentioned how some religions have accepted this concept, that the AO particles that are the building blocks of our Universe are God. You can call these dormant particles God, or AO particles, or energy but this means God isn’t at all what Theists or even Deists claim.

  • Is God form B: Matter? No one has seen or touched God. The Catholic Church says God is Spirit not matter. Now I admit that there are some folks that claim they hear or speak to God but honestly, we know they can’t tell whether that “voice in their head” is the voice of God, the Devil or simply that of their own Ego. Brain science tells us the sounds in our head are the firings of electrical signals and chemicals stimulating the parts of our brain where sound memories are stored (a Principle at work). There are some folks that insist that “spirits” exist, as in ghosts and angels and the Holy Ghost of the Trinity. But there is no proof and quite frankly something without substance by definition, is not Matter. So God is not matter.

  • Is God form C: Principle? This means God has no substance. He comes into existence as Principles do, when change occurs, causing the need for the creation of a Principle in response to the change that causes further changes in response to the existing conditions. Again God isn’t anything like the concept created by Theists and Deists. So in this sense of Principle, God is simply an idea, a figment of men’s imagination. Or God is the Principle we call “Good”, an abstract idea for something that is beneficial not harmful. Again God isn’t Matter, isn’t a Being, just another word for an idea, an explanation for abstract, metaphorical concepts!

  • Is God form D: A Black Hole.

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Final Thoughts:

I’d like to say that it doesn’t bother me if anyone believes in God, however they choose to describe or define Him/Her/It. I support their right to believe just as I hope they support my right and the rights of others to NOT Believe or to hold very different Beliefs (practice some other Religion) from theirs.

I do think that many religious folk have taken a wrong turn and found themselves in a deadend alley, with no way forward and they are too ashamed (or confused, they can’t imagine they went the wrong way) to admit they took a wrong turn so they don’t turn around and go back the way they came to find a different route.

I think this is because they have lost sight of their goal, they have confused means with ends and turned a means into an end that led them into that deadend alley.

Means are tools. Tools are designed for specific uses, to accomplish some task. If you want to dig a hole, the shape, size of hole, the conditions of the soil where you are digging the hole determine whether you should use a shovel with a pointed tip, a shovel with straight sides and a square tip, a snow shovel, a grain scoop or a backhoe. Wood workers know there are different saws for different purposes. You don’t use a chain saw on a fine piece of wood to be used for furniture.

Unfortunately some folks think that one tool can be used for every purpose. If you don’t use the right tool for the right situation you won’t accomplish the right task and won’t reach the right destination.

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Religion is a tool and some folks think that their religion is right (one size fits all) for everyone. Laws are tools: rules about dress, about what to eat and not to eat, about ceremonies, sacraments, personal relationships, sins and what aren’t sins. Unfortunately, laws created for a small tribal group in a backwater area of the 1st century Roman empire are no longer appropriate for our multicultural 21st century world.

People also forget that laws, music, chants, songs, myths, stories, words (such as heaven, hell), heroes and villains, concepts (about death and resurrection, emaculate conceptions, salvation), books, religion, are all means to an end, and they lose sight of what the end is.

Does it matter if someone reaches the same end (goal, destination) by taking a different path? Does it matter if they use different words to describe their conception of that end, goal, destination?

What is that end, that goal, that destination that we all of us, religious and non-religious are striving for?

Your beliefs are between you and your God and do not concern me. Your behavior towards me and towards others does concern me, because that affects the world, the society, the neighborhood where I live.

I shouldn’t have to remind folks that the Bible is concerned about how we behave towards others as are the writings and sacred texts of the great religions of the world, and the thinking and writings of our world’s great thinkers, philosophers and Theologians. There is a common thread winding its way through all of these teachings and that is:

Our day to day actions, how we treat our fellow man, other living things and our planet MATTERS!

Our goal is to become the best possible person that we can be. To do this we need to move from self-centerdness to self-lessness. Or another way to put it is to learn to turn our ME upside down. When we do we find WE. When we find the WE we begin to make the connection that unites us with God, Brahmin, Nirvana, the Tao, Bliss, Oneness with the Universe, use whatever word/s you want.

The end, the goal, the destination that we are all headed towards is that primordial stew pot from whence we all came, that vastness of space where our AO particles are released from our matter and are waiting to join up with new AO particles to start on another journey!

IF people would stop using their religious beliefs as justification and sanctification of their bad behavior towards, (their persecution of) others (homosexuals, people of other faith traditions and Atheists, women who get abortions, etc.) I wouldn’t feel forced to make my arguments to prove that the God they worship doesn’t exist and that their bad behavior is neither justified or sanctified!

Genesis 1: “In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters. Then God said,

“Let there be light”, and there was light. And God saw that the light was good.”

What is light? A Process we call combustion releases energy (those little AO particles) from Matter, (breaks nuclear bonds that combine those AO particles together that form Matter, such as our Sun) so those little AO particles are free to dance on a solar wind, where they glide down to earth and pass on their energy through many more Processes to other forms of Matter, Things and Beings, plants, animals and Me. And it is good.

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Originally published: 2015-FEB-20
Last updated 2015-FEB-20
Author: Susan Humphreys
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