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Faith-based schools in Canada

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The British North America Acts were a series of laws passed by the UK parliament between 1867 and 1975. Their main function was to create the Dominion of Canada as a self-governing colony that later morphed into an independent country with its own independent constitution, flag, and governmental system.

One topic covered in these acts was the creation of two school systems funded by the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada -- now called Ontario and Quebec. One system in each province was Roman Catholic and was operated by the church; the other was Protestant and operated by the government. During the 20th century, the Protestant school system gradually became secular.

Over time, various provinces developed their own unique financial arrangements ranging from zero to full funding of religious schools. A trend started on the east coast and appears to be moving westward in which government funding is being removed from all religious schools, leaving only the public system supported by the government. Those separate religious schools that remain are funded by the churches and parents.

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Topics covered in this section:

Government-funded religious schools in:

bullet Newfoundland
bullet Ontario
bullet Other provinces (being written)

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Originally posted: 2007-OCT-08
Latest update: 2007-OCT-08
Author: B.A. Robinson

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