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Religious intolerance, violence etc.

As mentioned in comic strips

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We noticed a "tell it like it is" comic strip just before 2006 Christmas in our local (Kingston ON Canada) paper. It seemed to sum up the idiocy of religiously-motivated intolerance and violence. We have copied the text below. We hope to add the contents of future comic strips as we find them.

Donations of comics, cartoons, etc. are gratefully received. Please Email them to us or mail them to OCRT, PO Box 128, Watertown NY, 13601-0128.

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Non Sequitur by Wiley for 2006-DEC-16:

The comic strip involves a conversation between a boy and his horse. That may sound like a very unusual occurrence; however a similar conversation is recorded in the Bible in Numbers 22:22-23 between Balaam and his donkey.

Horse: "Um ... You lost me there. Explain that again?
Boy: "OK ... One group of followers willingly sacrifice themselves to blow up people who follow a different religion."

H: "Yessa. You can't get more fanatical than that, eh?"
B: "Well ... The other group of followers are willing to commit all of their resources to launching overwhelming military strikes in retaliation."

H: "And how about the third group of followers?"
B: "They're willing to blow up the entire planet."

H: "Oh. And why are they all doing this to each other?
B: To prove which one is the true religion of peace.

H: I'll never understand how you guys made it to the top of the food chain."
B: "Well, they don't call it blind faith for nothin'."

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Originally written: 2006-DEC-16
Latest update: 2006-DEC-16
Author: B.A. Robinson

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