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Religion Watch is a newsletter which monitors trends in contemporary religion. It concentrates primarily on the United States. The newsletter is published on a monthly basis. 1 We recommend this periodical for anyone interested in learning about trends of religion in North America and Europe. 

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Topics covered in the 2003-APR issue, Volume 18, #6

bullet Religious leaders weigh consequences of Iraq war.
bullet Iraq war revives prophetic ferfor
bullet Demand high, supply low for military chaplains
bullet Young Muslims take lead in anti-war activism
bullet Church Universal and Triumphant faces schisms, defections
bullet Current research: Recent findings on religious attitudes and behavior
bullet Papal diplomacy's bright future
bullet Anti-conversion laws in India spreading?
bullet Findings and footnotes

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Religion Watch is published monthly by Richard P Cimino (Editor/Publisher). Jean-Franois Mayer is the contributing editor.

Address: PO Box 652, North Bellmore, NY, 11710

Telephone: (516) 781-0835 (Phone/Fax)


Web site: 

Subscription to US or Canada: $28.00/year in US funds; Emailed version $20. The rate is different for other countries.

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