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Reviews of this web site:

1999 & 2000 to now

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bullet2000-OCT-14: Tamara Holmes of AccessMagazine wrote an essay "Elections: not just a popularity contest." She quoted the OCRT coordinator: "I suspect that most staunch Democrats or Republicans have pretty much decided how to vote in November," says Bruce Robinson, coordinator of the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, the group that sponsors "It is the large number of undecided voters who will determine the outcome," he says. "And issue-oriented Web sites like ours are helpful to such individuals." AccessMagazine appears in dozens of U.S. newspapers.

bullet2000-AUG-31: invites its members to rate each web site. Ten Zeal members rated this site, giving it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 (94%). 

bullet2000-AUG-2: appears to have taken over in the monitoring of traffic to the top 1,000 web sites in various categories. Their religious section typically rates our site as #2, and an Indian website, Sikhnet, as #1. visitors gave our site a "Surfer rating" of five stars. In August, they added a surf report for each site. They also gave our site a five star rating for "weighted usability." Their "usability details" compare our site relative to the average web site:
bulletSpeed ratio + 100%. This is related to how quickly the web site responds to a query, and to how often visitors hit the "Refresh" button.
bulletSearch referral ratio + 100%; this shows the number of visitors who have come to our site from a search engine.
bulletBookmark ratio +66%; this shows the number of visitors who have bookmarked our site.
bulletVote ratio +50%; this is the average vote by visitors to our site
bulletTime spent ratio + 50%; this is the time that visitors spend on our web site.
bulletHigh end media ratio + 18%; this shows the number of visitors with large monitors and recent browser versions.
bulletPrime time ratio -5%; this shows the number of visitors during TV prime time (6 to 9 PM)
bulletSame day ratio -24%; this shows the number of repeat visits per day from the same visitor.
bulletVisits - 31%; this shows the number of repeat visitors that we get. We suspect that this is low because a lot of our visitors are students who visit our web site once, in search of information for a single school project.
bulletUpdate frequency - 47%; this indicates how often our site is updated. We update about 12 essays a day and create about 3 new essays per week. However, because we have so many essays (over 1,000 at this time) the ratio of updated essays to the total number is small, and will get smaller as we expand.
bullet2000-JUN-5: Apologetics Index is a counter-cult group that disseminates information about what it regards as heretical Christian groups. We suspect that they are distressed at the content of our web site because we define as Christian any faith group or individual that defines themselves as Christian. That is, we use the same criterion as public opinion polls. Groups in the Counter-cult movement (CCM) tend to have a very exclusive, narrow definition of what they consider to be Christian, They review our web site at: They concluded:

"Unfortunately, while you'll find an extensive collection of documented, cross-referenced information, many articles are not as balanced as advertised. The site promotes pluralism, and has a decidedly dim view of the anti-cult and counter-cult movements. It prefers to believe cult-apologists, and promotes many of their arguments. In public and private messages, staff and supporters of the Scientology-backed [Cult Awareness Network] CAN, refer people to the site rather than their own."

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bullet2000-MAR-30: Bruce B. Lawrence, an Episcopal priest who is also Chair of the Department of Religion at Duke University is the author of a recently published book: "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Religions Online." It is an excellent book: clearly written, balanced, and inclusive. We may be a bit biased; the book includes dozens of references to our web site. They have a review of our site on Page 26 which states: "There are only four consultants at this site, and they're all amateurs, but they do a professional job of putting together a user-friendly site with tremendous variety and depth on almost every aspect of contemporary religious life. The scary and the sacred, the small and the big, all get equal billing. Almost too fair? Maybe so, but it's a nice change from some of the aggressively self-boosting sites you find, even on a topic like religion.

You can read reviews or order this book safely from online book store

bullet2000-JAN-12: The WillowFyre coven is a Wiccan group in southern North Carolina. Publicity has suddenly been thrust upon them because the local school board suspended one of their members, a 10th grade English teacher, apparently because of her religion. They describe our web site as: "An outstanding site devoted to telling the truth about a wide variety of world religions.  Includes Legislative and Judicial information as well as numerous essays and analyses!  A wonderful resource for the Activist or Scholar!"

bullet1999-DEC-18: The new CSIS report on terrorism from doomsday millennium cults has a link to our web site. CSIS is the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

bullet1999-DEC-1: Article about the OCRT web site appeared in the December issue of an online " magazine called HOPE," at: 

bullet1999-NOV-19: We learned that Daryl Lease mentioned our web site in his article in the Skeptic magazine (Vol. 7, #3) called: "Th--That's all Folks! - It's the End of the World...Again." He refers to our TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) prediction list. He writes: "my favorite site of from Ontario, which is, arguably, the end of the world. This site offers a lengthy, but certainly not exhaustive, list of doomsday predictions that just didn't pan out."

bullet1999-NOV-16: We learned that the Canadian Encyclopedia 2000 links to our web site for information on religious groups. The Encyclopedia is published by McClelland and Stewart through the version of the Hutchinson's Multimedia Encyclopedia that they carry on CDROM.

bullet1999-NOV-15: We picked up a book by Vernon Blackmore: "God on the Net: Year 2000 edition," [Marshall Pickering, (1999)] Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store. He wrote: "Many religious sites on the Internet are created by committed believers. The aim of this site is to describe dozens of faith groups as accurately as possible from a neutral stance, from Asatru to Christianity to Zoroastrianism."

bullet1999-NOV-10: The FBI's Megiddo report on the potential for domestic terrorism incorporated our list of cult danger signs.

bullet 1999-OCT-11: included this site on their weekly review: "Dozens of various faiths are explored on this multi-denominational site. 'Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance' puts the word out that it is uncool to be intolerant of people's diverse faith. It's a timely message as we approach the new Millennium. You would think by now in the history of evolution we would be enlightened enough to be beyond all this mumbo-jumbo. The site does not promote a point of view, but expresses in an intelligent and organized manner a view of many different beliefs. The site, which is volunteer run, offers suggested readings, essays, and a great selection of religious links. It proves to be very interesting reading."

bullet1999-SEP-15: rated the OCRT as the most-visited religious web site on the Internet. See: for daily updates.

bullet1999-SEP:  "Each month Religion & Ethics Newsweekly chooses a Web site that makes a significant contribution to religion and ethics." They selected this web site as their site of the month for 1999-SEP.

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Latest update: 2008-FEB-24
Author: B.A. Robinson
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