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On 2004-NOV-11, we found a web site called which collects reviews of web sites from its members. They reviewed our site at: As of that date, there were 19 positive reviews and three negative. Some negative criticisms are:

bullet Too liberal.
bullet "Religious tolerance" is an inherent contradiction.
bullet Site argues that there are no absolute truths.
bullet Too politically correct.

To which we might add:

bullet Almost uniquely among websites, we explain liberal, mainline, conservative, and sometimes other viewpoints as accurately and objectively as we can.
bullet "Religious tolerance" is an inherent contradiction to those who believe that tolerance means that one must accept all religions as equally true. We define the term on our website differently. To us, it means allowing people to follow their own religion without discriminating against them or oppressing them.
bullet Wrong! Our site argues that there are many absolute truths.
bullet We do respect non-violent, non-oppressive people of all religious faiths and ethical systems. I guess that this might make us too politically correct. We can't help it. Some of us are Canadians.

A little over three years later, on 2008-FEB-24, the number of reviews had increased to 73. The most recent 25 meaningful reviews are listed below. The rest can be seen starting at the fifth entry at:

For brevity, we have deleted many of the direct quotes from our website such as:

"Religious tolerance means: To extend religious freedom to people of all religious traditions, even though you may disagree with their beliefs and/or practices."

We have left spelling errors, typos, etc. intact.

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Reviews during 2008:

bullet "Oldbutnew:" Very cool, will be exploring this one more thoroughly later!"

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Reviews during 2007:

bullet "Kchishol1970:" "One of the supreme impartial information sites about religion and society."
bullet "Raynemist:" "This is the site to look through if you are searching for your own spirituality. I found it extremely helpful. A must read in light of the war. Maybe if more of the Iraq people read through this, they would have more tolerance for each other, and work together to KICK the U.S."
bullet "Jesse285:" "This what the world need a place for everyone."
bullet "Weepingbeauty:" "The mandate of this multi-religion site is to: @ Promote religious tolerance and freedom; @ Objectively describe religious faiths in all their diversity; and @ Objectively describe controversial topics from all viewpoints. it will take a fair amount of reading to see if they indeed succeed, but its well worth the effort - and they should be applauded for trying to accept all."
bullet "Davidschandler:" "Wonderful site. I found it through an article they have on Slavery and the Bible. (Note: The Bible never condemns slavery! Read the article.)"
bullet "Peacevalley:" "useful"
bullet "Genisis2:" "I cant help but not like reading this kind of stuff. Me being non religious, I find it a fascinating read, which, when I share it with my wife [a Christian] opens up to dialog and debate, sometimes heated, but it beats sitting & watching TV. Agree/disagree with the site - who cares -Its a neat lil old read. If I sent you to a bad place. Sorry.
bullet "3DJelly:" "A closer look seems to suggest the contents of this site come from a quasi-Christian perspective. The effort to make peace is commendable, but the covering up of the organization's true roots is not."

Coordinator's note: We are often criticized for having an anti-Christian bias. We fully explain our "roots" at: Our Statement of Beliefs,  Our policies and purposes and More of the same.

bullet "Craigadams49:" "There is helpful information here about various religions & religious controversies. Don't take this site as the final word on any of the subjects they review. But, they have several helpful outline overviews of a wide range of topics. I can understand why some people get upset about this site, but it would help them to lighten up a bit. It can be helpful from time to time."

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Reviews during 2006:

bullet "Jonk:" "I really don't know what to say - I have just read a selection of the hate and bile poured onto this site by "Christians" (none of whom, it seems can spell - even the most basic Anglo-Saxon expletives). I thought, but of course I am holding myself up to being shot at here, I thought Christianity was supposed to espouse tolerance. Maybe I didn't understand the religious teaching I had? Islam, by the way is one of the most tolerant religions, as was shown, for example, by the freedom non-Muslims enjoyed under the Ottomans. Any group should not be tainted by the actions of an extremist minority, what we need is more tolerance and certainly more understanding. Perhaps some of these people should read their Bibles more carefully - "Love thy neighbour as thyself".
bullet "SeanL:" "I might like this site if their various biases didn't show quite so glaringly."

Coordinator's note: When we write on Christianity, we describe the beliefs of conservatives, progressives, and often the beliefs of first century Christians. If applicable, we include scientific findings. Each one of these viewpoints is, of course, biased. I can understand where Sean L's beliefs about bias come from.

bullet "Jpcruz:" "Religious tolerance and spiritual freedom"
bullet "Trickypink: "I've had a hard time talking to christians without offending them with my personal, non-christian beliefs. I wish all faiths could be as tolerant as this site promotes, and people could respect each other, and agree to disagree. This is probably the most unbiased resource I've ever come across."
bullet "Golge011: "Religious tolerance is in this time of turmoil is very important. This site gives a fair treatment."
bullet "Woostopalypse:" "Religion from all perspectives. This site is very informative, as long as you stay open minded."
bullet "Naturegirl236:" "I've never been all that big into the practice of religion myself, but this website is particuarly interesting in that it presents many different religions and their basic tenants without any particular bias against or for any group."
bullet "Stinktime:" "Tolerance is good."
bullet "6for2:" "If only more people would spend some time reading here."
bullet 20 "Hoppingsnail:" "Known about this page forever, never got around to reviewing it. :) Many articles on world religion, if a bit skewed to a Christian perspective. The website provides information on religious beliefs and interesting essays on many aspects of religion. I think it is a bit too easy on Scientology (See Operation Clambake), but its message of respect and tolerance is welcome in a turbulent world where religion all too often leads to violence and hate."
bullet "Dragon4death:" "From the page: 'Whenever someone deviates from reality, others usually get hurt.' That's why more people need to open up their eyes and realize the truth. That my god, the flying spaghetti monster, is the only true creator of the universe. VIVA LA FSM!
bullet "Frugforest:" "Religion tolerance for all. And to all a good night."
bullet "ThecURE:" "Promoting understanding and tolerance cannot be a bad thing, especially on such a delicate issue a religions."
bullet "Knowth:" "Promotes religious tolerance and freedom. Describes religious faiths in all their diversity. Even includes ancient beliefs."
bullet "IcePee:" "Discover the foundations of all the world's religions."

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Latest update: 2008-FEB-24
Compiled by: B.A. Robinson

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