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Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT)

Links to RMT websites, years ago.
They are primarily of historical interest today:

Starting in the 1980's, a series of horrendous criminal cases were pursued against adults in daycare centers, Sunday schools, etc There were also thousands of cases in which adults initiated lawsuits against their own parents for extreme sexual abuse during the plaintiff's childhood. Much of the evidence in these cases was based on suggestive interview and therapy techniques of children and adults, often called Recovered Memory Therapy (RMT). Most therapists now believe that many, if not most, of the abuse events never happened. False memories were created by adults during recovered memory therapy. Non-existent stories of sexual abuse were implanted in the minds of young children.

The legacy of these events are broken families of origin, impoverished older couples, and children with profoundly destructive memories of events that never happened, who have now reached adulthood.

Listed below are links to web sites dealing with RMT. Since RMT has been almost completely abandoned by therapists today, most of these web sites listed below are probably off line permanently. Still, the listing is an interesting one because it illustrates the depth of the RMT pannic.

List of RMT web sites:

bulletRMT skeptical web sites:
bullet "16 reasons why I do not believe in recovered memory" is a anti-RMT web site written from a Christian perspective at:

bullet John Hochman, "Recovered Memory Therapy and False Memory Syndrome," Skeptic magazine, at:

bullet "Memory and Reality," False Memory Syndrome Foundation, at:

bullet Robyn M. Dawes, "Why Believe That for Which There Is No Good Evidence?," at:
bulletRMT believers web sites:
bullet The Ottawa [ON] Recovered Memory Page promotes the accuracy of repressed/recovered memory therapy. See:

bullet S.M.A.R.T. Ritual Abuse Newsletter, at:

bullet The Recovered Memory Project lists 80 corroborated cases of recovered memory at:

bullet Survivors of Spiritual Abuse, at:
bulletWebsites by RMT retractors:
bullet Laura Pasley is a recovered memory retractor. See: or

bullet Deb David 

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bulletInformation sites:
bullet The "Memory Debate Archives," at:

bullet The Recovered Memory Bookstore is at: 

bullet "Ritual Abuse Resources," The Awareness Center, at:
bulletAdvocacy groups:
bullet The Men's Defense Association is a non-profit group which acts as an advocate for men and fathers in divorce and custody disputes. See:

bullet The "Abuse-Excuse" home page at: http://www.abuse-excuse has a referrals and resources list for the falsely accused.

bullet "The Paid Pipers of Humbug," Parents Against Cruel Therapy (PACT) at: 

bullet "Stop Bad Therapy" is a impressive and forceful expose of the RMT movement and its spin-offs: Satanic Ritual Abuse, family and personal destruction, the hazards of reading "the Courage to Heal," etc. See: This web site contains phone numbers of professional regulatory boards in all 50 states.
bulletDiscussion groups:
bullet The Witchhnt mailing list is devoted to the discussion of the reliability of recovered memories and related topics. See:

bullet The "Recovered Memory a Pandoras Box?" discussion group is at:

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bulletFalse Memory Syndrome groups:
bullet "False Memory Syndrome Foundation" is the main anti-RMT U.S. web site  at:

bullet "Fausse Memorie et faux Souvenirs," a French language website at:

bullet Illinois-Wisconsin FMS Society at:

bullet Ohio Association of Responsible Mental Health Practices, at:

bullet Australian False Memory Association Inc. at:

bullet The British False Memory Society at:

bullet New Zealand FMS Group, at:

bullet Werkgroep Fictieve Herinneringen is a Netherlands FMS website written in Dutch. See:
bulletLegal websites:
bullet Find Law, at:

bullet Legal, at:

bullet "Accused" at:

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