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Christian concepts of salvation


Alternate interpretations
of Matthew 25:34-45

Overview of this section:

Various passages in the Bible teach a diversity of beliefs concerning what one must do and believe to be saved -- i.e. to be born again and thus qualify to spend eternity in Heaven.

Matthew 25:34-45 contains the "sheep and goats" passage that discusses Jesus' judgment of "all nations." It is a description of the "final judgment" when all the people of the world are gathered together and individually judged by Jesus. Some meet the criterion for salvation and go to Heaven forever. The others go to the torture chambers of Hell, also forever. This passage is a major stumbling block for those who believe that salvation is based solely or mainly on faith.

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Topics covered in this section:

bullet Text of the passage; description of the problem
bullet Alternate explanations derived from religious texts
bullet Alternate explanations derived from the Internet

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