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1997 to 2014: The 17 year struggle towards same-sex
(SSM) & marriage equality in Mississippi:

From 2 marriage bans to marriage legalization
for same-sex couples
in the deep South.

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Map of U.S. with Mississippi highlighted Timeline from 1997 to the present time:

The slow path from marriage bans to the legalizing of marriages by same-sex couples:

  • 1997: The Mississippi legislature passed a marriage statute that bans in-state marriages and bans recognition of out-of-state marriages by same-sex couples.

  • 2004: Voters passed Amendment 1 by an 86% to 14% margin. This amended the state Constitution to ban recognition of marriages by same-sex couples.

  • 2013-JUL/NOV: Polling data shows that voters continue to have overwhelming opposition to marriages by same-sex couples.

  • 2013-SEP: Lawsuit #1: "Czekala-Chatham v. Melancon" filed in state court by same-sex couple seeking divorce. Divorce is rejected by the court.

  • 2014-OCT: Williams Institute estimates 10.8 million dollar benefit to state if marriages by same-sex couples were allowed.

  • 2014-OCT: Lawsuit #2: "Campaign for Southern Equality v. Bryant" filed in federal court.

  • 2014-NOV: Hearings in federal court; ruling made, stay installed, plaintiff reaction. State prepares to appeal case to the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • 2015-JAN: Cases from Louisiana, Mississippii and Texas are reviewed by a three-judge panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. Plaintiffs are encouraged by the responses of the judges,

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Topics included in this section:

  • Part 1: SSM bans. Polling data. Lawsuit #1 in state court. Economic benefit of marriage equality

  • Part 2: Lawsuit #2 filed in federal court.

  • Part 3: Lawsuit #2: Lawsuit Southern Equality v. Bryant. Hearing held in District Court. Ruling issued. Reactions to the ruling.

  • Part 4: Lawsuit Southern Equality v. Bryant. District Court judge comments on 6th Circuit Court ruling. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court hears appeal.

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Copyright © 2014 & 2015 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally published: 2014-NOV-28
Last updated 2015-JAN-11
Author: B A Robinson
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