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The Church of Satan (CoS): Political agenda,
organization, attitudes re: other religions, books

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Continued from a previous essay.

Political agenda:

bullet Termination of the myth of equality for all.
bullet Tax all churches.
bullet Remove any religious beliefs which have been incorporated in legislation.
bullet "Development and production of artificial human companions."
bullet The freedom for all to live within a total environment of their choice. 1

Organizational matters: 

The Church of Satan is highly decentralized, believing that a strong central organization is not desirable. Each Satanist is expected to follow his/her own path. 

As of 2001-APR-31,  Peter Gilmore was the Magister of the Church of Satan; Blanche Barton was the High Priestess. 2 They switched roles in 2004. An interview of Peter Gilmore is available online. 3

Local CoS groups of Satanists are generally called grottos. 

Attitudes towards other religious groups:

Many Satanists feel that Wiccans are hypocrites, because the latter restrict their work to positive, healing activities. Satanists use magic and other rituals to benefit themselves and their friends, but also are free to use these same rituals to harm their enemies -- persons who have hurt them.

Satanism in Action 4 publishes a blacklist of people and groups who they feel are guilty of "spreading lies and misleading propaganda against Satanism." The blacklist recommends to "Smash on sight" any of the listed offenders. Most are conservative Christian authors, counter-cult groups and anti-cult groups. 4,5

Books by A.S. LaVey:

Dates shown are of the currently-available editions:

bullet "The Satanic Bible," Mass Market Paperback, (1989). Read reviews or order this book safely from online book store
bullet "The Satanic Rituals," Mass Market Paperback, (1991). Review/order this book
bullet "The Satanic Witch," Feral House, (1989). Review/order this book
bullet "The Devil's Notebook," Feral House, (1992). Review/order this book
bullet "Satan Speaks!", (1998). Review/order this book

Also see the biography of Anton Lavey:

bullet Blanche Barton, "Secret life of a Satanist: The authorized biography of Anton LaVey," Feral House, (1992). Review/order this book

Another useful book is:

bullet Blanche Barton, "The Church of Satan: A History of the World's Most Notorious Religion," Hell's Kitchen Productions, (1990). Review/order this book

References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. A.S. LaVey, "Pentagonal revisionism: A five-point program," (1988) at:
  2. Satanism101 supplies a "straightforward look at the Satanic religion." See:
  3. David Shankbone, "Satanism: An interview with Church of Satan High Priest Peter Gilmore," MySpace, 2007-NOV-05, at:
  4. Satanism in Action publishes a periodical titled "Not Like Most," See:
  5. Satanism in Action's blacklist was at: It seems to be currently offline.

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Latest update: 2009-OCT-27
Author: B.A. Robinson
Links checked: 2009-OCT-27

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