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"Torah and Science - Facts, theories and fiction"

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Human imagination and speculative theories are often misrepresented as scientific facts. The controversy involving contradictions between Torah and science is a consequence of such misrepresentations. As we will see, not everything which people call "science" is science, and not everything which people call "Torah" is Torah. There is never a contradiction between real Torah and real science. Apparent contradictions are only a result of misrepresentations of Torah, misrepresentations of science, or both. Understanding the misrepresentations resolves the conflict and shows that Torah and science are in perfect harmony.

The author is a chassidic-orthodox retired aerospace engineer with a Ph.D. in nuclear physics from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel.

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Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Science or Fiction?: The Classification of scientific knowledge; theories in modern science; logical fallacies; speculative mathematics; the great flood.
  3. The Age of the Universe: Theory and Observations; Physics, Functions, and Differential Equations
  4. Exposing the Myth of Evolution: A historical perspective; Darwin's theories - two for the price of one; new problems with the theory
  5. Torah or Greek Philosophy?; Spontaneous generation of life; the solar system and the stars; is the Earth Flat?; the social dilemma
  6. Conclusion and Appendix A

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Copyright 2007-SEP by Zvi Shkedi. The author permits not-for-profit republication of this article with proper credit and without changes.
Originally posted: 2008-MAR-30
Latest update: 2008-MAR-30
Author: Zvi Shkedi

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