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Corporal punishment of children -- Spanking

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Topics in this section:

bulletIntroduction to spanking: (We recommend reading these essays first)
bulletHistory of corporal punishment
bulletLegal aspects of spanking
bulletTypes of discipline that parents use on children. Future trends
bulletMisc. topics
bulletQuotations on spanking
bullet"Hot saucing" a traditional way to discipline children through pain
bulletPro-spanking advocates
bulletSpanking, as mentioned in the Bible
bulletWhat, exactly, is the "rod" mentioned in the Bible?
bulletIs the bible ambiguous about spanking?
bulletRecommendations by pro-spanking advocates
bulletRecommendations by Michael and Debi Pearl
bulletAnti-spanking advocates
bulletThe case against spanking; Anti-spanking references; UN convention
bulletOpen letter to President Clinton from agencies concerned with children
bulletUnited Methodist Church's resolutions on spanking
bulletAmerican Academy of Pediatrics' position on spanking
bulletHow parents can weaning themselves off of spanking their kids
bulletCorrelation between corporal punishment and both crime & rage
bullet"Spare the Rod:" an essay by Riane Eisler
bullet"Plain talk about spanking," an essay by Jordan Riak

bulletStudies of the effects of spanking:

Note: It is important to realize that although the following studies appear to demonstrate a strong correlation between spanking in childhood and problems in adulthood, no cause-and-effect relationship has been conclusively proven.
bulletResults of studies reported upon during:
bullet1985 & 1986

bullet1987 to 1995, including one remarkable comparison and a longitudinal study of major importance

bullet1996 & 1997, including another study of major importance

bulletCorrelations between childhood spanking & adult sexual behavior


bulletPrint a form to ask that your child be exempted from corporal punishment at school
bullet Spanking/child abuse in Canada:

bulletEvents: 1980 to 1999

bullet Events: 2000 to 2006

bulletDecision of the Supreme Court of Canada, 2004
bullet Events: 2007 to 2012
bullet Events: 2013 to now
bulletRecent developments (1998 to the present time).

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Other references:

bullet"Religious extremism: a parenting style," Chapter 14 of Robin Grille, "Parenting for a peaceful world," Longueville Media, (2005).
bulletM.A. Straus, K.G. Kaufman, "Corporal punishment of adolescents by parents: a risk factor in the epidemiology of depression, suicide, alcohol abuse, child abuse, and wife beating." Adolescence 1994;29:543-61.
bulletZ. Strassberg, et al., "Spanking in the home and children's subsequent aggression toward kindergarten peers, " Dev Psychopathol 1994;6:445-61.
bulletJ. McCord, "Questioning the value of punishment," Soc Probl 1991;38:167-79.
bulletD. Baumrind, "A blanket injunction against disciplinary use of spanking is not warranted by the data," Pediatrics 1996;98(4 pt 2):828-31.
bulletColin Farrell maintains a "World Corporal Punishment Research Website" about corporal punishment in schools, prisons, etc. See:
bulletP.L. Poelstra, "Corporal Punishment," at: This site contains links to various studies that are critical of anti-spanking studies.
bulletIrvin Wolkoff, "Spanked child can become self-loathing adult," The Toronto Star, 1999-NOV-26, Page F4.
bulletLawrence M. Bezeau, "Bibliography of reported corporal punishment cases in Canada," at:
bulletRobert M. Wilson, "A study of attitudes towards corporal punishment as an education procedure from the earliest times to the present." at:
bulletJ.K. Ni, "Spanking denounced as ineffective, harmful -- Expert at 'Families Alive' [conference] urges positive discipline," Deseret News, 1998-MAY-9, at:

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Author: B.A. Robinson

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