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bullet 2001-FEB-22: Scotland: RMT: Party leader suing over recovered memory therapy: According to the Sunday Times: Jim Farlie, former deputy leader of the Scottish National Party, has initiated a lawsuit in civil court against Murray Royal Hospital in Perth. His daughter had accused him of sexual abuse. She also made allegations against 17 other men, including two Scottish MPs. The allegations were made after she received recovered memory therapy at the hospital. Jim Farlie said: "This is the first case of its kind in the UK. It is enormously significant. I am fairly sure that if they go on the basis of the evidence that we will win. Then we can get on with the rest of our lives and concentrate on Katrina getting well. It could open the door for a great many other cases."
bullet 2001-FEB: England & California: SRA: Abuse photos are fake: Belief in SRA received major, though temporary, support in England. The Independent newspaper reported on FEB-21 that British detectives were trying to close a California web site that showed pictures of a man eating a dismembered baby. Patients at Valerie Sinason's Clinic for Dissociative Studies in London, England were instrumental in exposing the web site. Ms. Sinason has been an active promoter of SRA in the past. She states that she has 51 adult patients who have disclosed ritual abuse memories during therapy. On MAR-1, the reporter who wrote the original article in The Independent apologized. It seems that the pictures were of a Chinese magician who had perfected a revolting stage act in which he pretends to engage in cannibalism. 
bullet 2001-MAR-17: WI: Family of victim of RMT wins lawsuit: A jury unanimously awarded $5.08 million to the family of Nancy Anneatra. They found that her therapists, Dr. H. Berit Midelfort and Celia Lausted, were guilty of causing her to believe in the accuracy of false memories of physical and sexual abuse during childhood. 1,2 Pamela Perskin, executive director International Council on Cultism and Ritual Trauma commented "False Memory Syndrome doesn't exist. It is an artificial term constructed by apologists for child abusers." This is believed to be the first case in which the family of a therapy victim has won a judgment against a therapist.
bullet 2001-JUN-19: WI: Family of victim allowed to sue therapist: According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Charles and Karen Johnson of St. Louis had sued Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc and therapists after the treatment of their adult daughter, Charlotte. The Johnsons claimed that the psychotherapy led their daughter to make false allegations of sexual and physical abuse against them. They originally sued the hospital and therapists in 1996, but had their case thrown out both by a Circuit Judge and on appeal to the Court of Appeals. But the state Supreme Court agreed with the plaintiffs and sent the case back to Circuit Court for trial. Recovered memory therapy was involved in the case. The daughter still believes that her parents abused her as a child.
bullet 2001-AUG-31: SC: RMT: State extends statutes of limitations: South Carolina Governor Jim Hodges signed a bill into law which allows adults to bring abuse charges up to three years after first discovering the abuse, or until the age of 27, whichever is first. This is consistent with a year 2000 ruling by the state Supreme Court in the Moriarty v Garden Sanctuary Church that admits repressed memories to be used in court if there is "independently verifiable, objective evidence" to back up the claims. 3,4
bullet 2001-SEP-7: USA: RMT: Anne Heche discusses "memories" of childhood abuse: Actress Anne Heche has written a book "Call Me Crazy" which she has discussed on international TV with Barbara Walters, Matt Lauer and Larry King. She apparently had suffered from some minor emotional problems, went into therapy and emerged believing that she is a victim of father-daughter incest. She relates memories of having been sexually molested by her gay father from the time that she was a toddler. [It is important to realize that most people cannot remember events that happened at an earlier age than 3.5 years; memories from before 2 years are unknown to researchers, and believed to be impossible.] She also has intervals when she believes that she is in a "fourth dimension" and comes from outer space. Her sister and mother are outraged at the accusations that her father abused her and that her mother knew of the abuse.
bullet 2001-NOV-4: UK: British Parliament to examine false accusations of child sexual abuse: In Britain, there is no statute of limitations, and so cases involving abuse from the distant past are often initiated. An all-party group will examine how the police and courts handle allegations of child sexual abuse. 3
bullet 2001-AUG-11: Australia: RMT: Teacher freed from prison: Jack Albert Hindman, 77, was given a two year jail sentence in early August after having been found guilty of two charges of indecent assault which allegedly occurred in the 1970s. However, it was determined as a result of a victim impact statement that the "memories" of one of the plaintiff's were recovered two years earlier. His lawyer, Paul Darcy, said that there was a real chance there was a miscarriage of justice in this case. Hindman has been released pending appeal. 5

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