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News items, from the year 2006

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News items:

bullet 2006-JAN-18: CBS announces remake of movie 'Sybil': Tammy Blanchard and Jessica Lange will play the roles of Sybil and Sybil's therapist -- Dr. Cornelia Wilbur -- in a new version of the movie Sybil. It will be a remake of the 1976 adaptation which featured Joanne Woodward and Sally Field. It is based on Flora Rheta Schreiber's book by the same name.

It has been shown that Sybil did not suffer from multiple personalities (a.k.a. Dissociative Identity Disorder.) Rather, her therapist trained her in the art of playing multiple roles. However, it is a great story. Unfortunately, movies and books like the Manchurian Candidate and Michelle Remembers have the power to galvanize public opinion and give legitimacy to worthless therapeutic techniques. The result may well be a shot in the arm to the dying recovered memory therapy industry, cause the emotional destruction of countless distressed clients, and probably induce the suicide of many. 1
bullet 2006-FEB-22: UK: Church of England recommends pro-RMT book: The Church recommends the book by E. Bass and L Davis "The Courage to Heal" in the third edition of their "Child Protection policy for the Church of England" titled "Protecting All God's Children." Many investigators feel that this book is the "Bible" of the recovered memory movement and has been responsible for the generation of a massive number of recovered "memories" of events that never happened, thus destroying countless families and hurting countless children. 3
bullet 2006-MAR-8: Scotland: Government booklet condemned by experts: The Scottish Executive has published a leaflet by Dr Sarah Nelson and Sue Hampson called: "A Can of Worms - Yes You Can! Working With Survivors of Sexual Abuse." It deals with therapy of persons who believe they have suffered childhood sexual abuse. It has been condemned by a panel of psychologists and psychiatrists who concluded that it could encourage people to falsely believe they were abused. James Ost, a chartered psychologist and senior lecturer in psychology at Portsmouth University, said: "There's a whole body of psychological literature on abuse and it's clearly something frontline workers do need guidance on - no one I know would disagree with that. Unfortunately, this booklet just isn't backed up. It's got no reference to any literature from the past 20 years." He said self-help guides had produced "numerous cases" of false allegations of abuse in the US. He said: "One needs to be incredibly careful about the advice you give out. If this is the only guidance frontline workers are getting, it's very worrying....If I was to run a course where that was required reading, I'd resign tomorrow." The Royal College of Psychiatry has asked that the book be withdrawn from distribution. A government spokeswoman who supported the booklet said it was aimed at stimulating debate on the sensitive subject. She said:

" 'Can of Worms' is aimed at raising awareness among healthcare and social work professionals of the issues adult survivors of sexual abuse may face. This has been written from a practical perspective, and informed by the personal experiences of adult survivors. Ultimately, we want to increase public awareness of childhood sexual abuse so people will feel more comfortable disclosing abuse at an earlier stage. If people can access services and support earlier, this will aid their recovery and reduce their risk of physical and mental illness and suicidal behavior." 4,5

bullet 2006-MAR-17: CO: "This is True" comments on Satanic influence: This is True is maintains a web site and a newsletter containing stories of unusual events. Their newsletter of 2006-MAR-17, contained the following item:

"Tresa Waggoner, 33, the music teacher in Bennett, Colo., invited Opera Colorado to perform a comic opera for students. She showed her students a 12-minute segment from a children's video she checked out of the school library, 'Who's Afraid of Opera?', to introduce them to the concept. The segment included scenes from 'Faust', which uses sock puppets to tell the story about how a man suffers when he sells his soul to the devil. Parents accused the teacher, a singer who has issued two Christian music albums, of being anti-Christian and a devil worshiper. 'I think [the video] glorifies Satan in some way,' said one parent. Waggoner was suspended, and the school board ruled that Waggoner would not be allowed to return to the  classroom. It also canceled the opera performance. 'Do we look like  bumpkins?' asked a cringing Town Board member, Rich Pulliam. (Rocky  Mountain News, Denver Post) ...Heck no! You'll have to claw your way up  several levels to get up as far as 'bumpkins'." 6,7

bullet 2006-APR-28-30: Mind Control Programming scheduled: Steve Oglevie is scheduled to hold a mind control programming seminar in Greenville SC.

"This 24 hour course will focus on recognizing the presence of mind-control within a client. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists working with DID clients and survivors of ritual abuse will learn to understand some of the barriers they are encountering....This course will also cover information regarding the various types of secretive groups that use programming and indicators to begin to properly diagnose the groups that have installed structures in the unconscious mind..."

The base cost of the course is $375 in U.S. funds. Registration is limited to 30 persons. 2

bullet 2006-JUN-17: Reward offered for evidence of repressed/recovered memory: Since 2006-MAR, about thirty web sites have reported a challenge offered by two senior Harvard psychiatrists, Dr. Harrison Pope and Dr. James Hudson. They are offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can find evidence of a traumatic memory that has been repressed by an otherwise healthy, lucid individual and later recovered. There is just one catch: the event must have happened before the year 1800. They would even accept a fictional case described in literature of the time. The challenge is intended to test Pope's theory that if repressed memory were a "naturally occurring human psychological phenomenon," it would have been written about for thousands of years. He believes that it first appeared during the Victorian era in the fictional character Dr. Manette in Charles Dickens' 1859 novel "A Tale of Two Cities." He forgot much of the time that he spent in prison, and later recovered it. Pope believes that the concept of repressed and recovered memories have " woven itself into the fabric of popular belief." As of JUN-17, their question has accumulated 15 comments, but no answer and no reward. 8,9
bullet 2006-NOV?: "Dr Laura" rejects recovered memories: References to one of Dr Laura Schlessinger's radio program during 2006-NOV on childhood sexual abuse and recovered memory therapy have surfaced on the Internet. She allegedly said that recovered memory therapy was a sham and an absurd outrage. We have been unable to find a transcript or recording of this program. However, we did locate a 13 minute phone conversation with "Holly" during 1995-OCT-31. It dealt with overcoming the effects of childhood sexual abuse in adulthood. To hear a recording, see:
bullet 2006-DEC-17: New Scientist magazine speculates about the next 50 years: Joel Achenbach of the Washington Post commented:
bullet "... Nick Bostrom, director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford, ... argues that we are almost certainly -- right now -- living in a computer simulation. It's like being trapped in someone's computer game, only we don't realize it. Bostrom is extrapolating from the rate of advancement in computer processing power. He thinks that eventually some civilization will be able to create totally realistic 'ancestor simulations,' in which the simulated characters are conscious and experience the simulation as though it were real. For example, these characters might think they're living in the 21st century, but only because the computer geeks of the 9,937th century have designed it that way."
bullet Elizabeth Loftus, a University of California at Irvine professor and memory expert, warns that in the future we'll have mastered the art of implanting false memories. She writes that this technology could be abused by police, lawyers or advertisers. This is all distressingly close to the plot of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 'Total Recall.' Indeed, when you combine the Loftus scenario with the Bostrom scenario, you realize that the entire world as we perceive it might be a false memory, and that it might not even be your own false memory. In fact, it could be Arnold's. We might all be minor, utterly trivial characters in Arnold's false memory of being governor of California. 10

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