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This web site's statistical data


Number of hits, visitors, links, ranking, etc.

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Snapshots of weekly statistics for this web site:

bullet Web site startup: 1995-APR.

bullet "" domain registered: 1997-FEB-24

bullet Essays online:
bullet As of 2004-JUL: 2,554
bullet As of 2005-OCT: 3,066
bullet As of 2006-JAN: 3,204
bullet As of 2007-JAN: 3,594
bullet As of 2008-JAN: 4,193

As of 2009-JAN: 4,582 


As of 2010-JAN: 4,838 


As of 2011-JAN: 5,465


As of 2012-JAN: 6,013 


As of 2013-JAN: 6,609

bulletTraffic for the week ending 2009-APR-25, about the time of year of our yearly maximum:
bullet Hits: 9.1 million;
bullet Page views: 1.6 million
bullet Distinct visitors: 452,404
bullet Traffic: 9.5 GBytes.
bullet Connect Time 0.11 s, average.

bullet Our visitors use:
bullet Top browsers: Internet Explorer 8, 7, and 6; Firefox, Opera, Safari
bullet Top operating systems: Windows 61%; Macintosh 2%
bullet Top referring sites: Google (US), Google (Canada), Google (UK), Bing, Google (Australia), Yahoo.

bulletDuring the week ending 2010-MAR-27:
bullet The 15 most popular essays were: Buddhism, World religions, Islam, Hinduism, Same-sex marriage, Wicca, Christianity, Homosexuality and the Bible, Taoism, Death Penalty, Assisted suicide, Stages of fetal development, Stem cells, End of the world during 2006, Abortion. The main changes over the past decade has been significantly increased interest in topics related to sexual orientation -- specifically homosexuality and bisexuality.

bullet The ten most popular search keywords were: astrology, abortion, Hinduism, Buddhism, Wicca, Scientology, capital punishment, Judaism, Confucianism, 10 commandments, euthanasia.

Where our visitors come from:

As of 2013-FEB-22, we have received visitors from 213 different countries:

graphic from

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Other religious web sites:

Each web site has two important ranking associated with it:

bullet Web ranking: This is a measure of the total traffic of a web site. It ranges from 1 for the most visited web site ( to in excess of 700 million for the least visited web site. reports the web ranking by traffic for the most popular million web sites. had a ranking of 21,030 on 2013-FEB-23. That places us in the top 0.03% of the Internet. also shows that we have 253,381 places on the Internet that link to our site.
bullet PageRank: This is a number created by Google for most web sites. Its value ranges from 0 to 10, and represents Google's view of the importance of the page. PageRank is reported by and many other websites.

Listed below are a few religious and secular web sites. The highlighted number is the site's web ranking as of 2010-MAR.

bullet 1 for (Google Page rank: 10)

bullet Private, but believed to be the rating for (PR 8)

bullet 3 for (PR 9)

bullet 59 for CNN (PR 10)

bullet .....

bullet 3,926 for Beliefnet an amazing web site -- the largest religious-spiritual web site on the Internet. (PR 7).

bullet 2,458 for the official web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- popularly called the Mormons, a rapidly growing, conservative Christian denomination. (PR 7)

bullet 10,114 for the official web site of the Vatican, the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, representing about half of the Christians in the world. (PR 8)

bullet 18,605 for the official home page of the Watchtower-- the Jehovah's Witnesses. (PR 7).

bullet 24,208 for this site, (PR 7). lists us as #1 in its category of Faiths and Practices.


28,110 for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (PR 6)


59,033 for ReligionFacts (PR 6)

bullet 116,277 for Sojourners an evangelical Christian web site promoting social justice. (PR 7)

bullet 116,921 for The Witches' Voice an Neopagan web site promoting social justice. (PR 7)

bullet 126,192 for the official site of the United Methodist Church (PR 7)

bullet 220,000 for, a social networking website for conservative Christians. (PR 5)

bullet 262,810 for the Southern Baptist Conference's official web site. They are the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S., and one of the most conservative. (PR 6)

bullet 284,252 for the Willow Creek Association (PR 5)

bullet 416,136 for Patheos, a large site that explores religion and spirituality (PR 5). This has since become a major web site.

bullet 562.006 for the United Pentecostal Church International. (PR 6)

bullet 679.416 for the Institute of Religious Research (PR 4)

This web site's rating had been 7. However, on 2008-JAN-09, it dropped to 4. 5 We believe that this massive overnight reduction may be due to Google's distaste for text ads unrelated to the content of the pages on which they appear. We have this type of ad on fewer than 1% of our pages, but that may have been sufficient. Our site was subsequently restored to a PR of 7.

Ranking of this web site:

When we started this web site in 1995-APR, there were only about 20,000 other sites on the Internet.

According to Netcraft, there were 155.2 million domain names as of the end of 2007. As of 2010-MAR, there were about 208 million domain names and almost 90 million active websites. 4

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Topics discussed in this section:

bullet Sites linking to us; traffic variations by hour of day & day of week
bullet Numbers of hits, page impressions, number of visitors, growth rates, etc.
bullet 1997 to 1999 incl.
bullet 2000 & 2001.
bullet 2002
bullet 2003
bullet 2004
bullet 2005
bullet 2006
bullet 2007
bullet 2008

bullet A list of the most popular essays on our web site.


  1. "Saturday most popular day of week to surf the web," at:

  2. If you want to obtain still more information about our web site, go to The daily and weekly reports generated by the Wusage program, Version 7.1 are available there.

  3. "Web Growth Summary," at:

  4. Current "Web Server Survey," Netcraft, at:

  5. PageRank icons courtesy of URLTrends at:

Latest update: 2013-FEB-23

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