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The Obergefell v. Hodges case before the U.S. Supreme Court
involving appeals of 4 same-sex marriage cases, from Kentucky,
Michigan, Ohio, & Tennessee.

Part 23: 2015-APR:
A conservative religious group promises to use
civil disobedience to resist same-sex marriage
if legalized across the U.S by the High Court.
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We use the acronym "SSM" to represent "same-sex marriage."
"LGBT" refers to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender persons
and transsexuals.

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This topic is continued from the previous essay which describes how
the U.S. Supreme Court might vote in this case, what might happen
if the court legalizes same-sex marriage across the country.

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same-sex marriage symbol 2015-APR-28: A group of religious conservatives issue a pledge promising civil disobedience:

Marriage equality for the LGBT community has gradually spread across the U.S. to include the District of Columbia and 37 states. A group of leading evangelical Christians, and a few others, have pledged to commit civil disobedience If the U.S. Supreme Court were to legalize same-sex marriage in the remaining 13 states and 5 territories. This may happen when they issue their ruling in the Obergefell v. Hodges case. Their decision is expeced to be released during late 2015-June or early July.

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The Pledge in Solidarity to Defend Marriage can be viewed online. 7

The title of their pledge is ambiguous. They are not planning to "defend marriage" against divorce, or defend it against loss of benefits, protections, privileges given to couples by state and federal governments. They are not going to defend marriage by convincing more couples to marry rather than simply living together. They are actually only defending the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage. 4

The pledge states, in part:

"We stand together in defense of marriage and the family and society founded upon them. While we come from a variety of communities and hold differing faith perspectives, we are united in our common affirmation of marriage.

On the matter of marriage, we stand in solidarity. We affirm that marriage and family have been inscribed by the Divine Architect into the order of Creation. Marriage is ontologically between one man and one woman, ordered toward the union of the spouses, open to children and formative of family. Family is the first vital cell of society, the first government, and the first mediating institution of our social order. The future of a free and healthy society passes through marriage and the family. ..."

"We will view any decision by the Supreme Court or any court the same way history views the Dred Scott and Buck v. Bell decisions. Our highest respect for the rule of law requires that we not respect an unjust law that directly conflicts with higher law. A decision purporting to redefine marriage flies in the face of the Constitution and is contrary to the natural created order. As people of faith we pledge obedience to our Creator when the State directly conflicts with higher law. We respectfully warn the Supreme Court not to cross that line.

We stand united together in defense of marriage. Make no mistake about our resolve. ... While there are many things we can endure, redefining marriage is so fundamental to the natural order and the common good that this is the line we must draw and one we cannot and will not cross." 7

Unfortunately, the organizers of the Pledge have copyrighted the document, so we are only able to quote a small portion of it above.

Defend asks those who agree with the pledge to sign it. As of 2015-MAY-17, they had gathered 38,392 signatures of support.

Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, wrote in a Facebook post:

"God is the One who made us male and female, and He defines marriage as between one man and one woman. There is no argument with what God has ordained. It is shameful that our country has declined so much morally that our courts are confused and would even hear this argument. Join me in praying that God would intervene and give these justices a glimpse of His heart and that they would make this decision based on His standards. Remember, two men cannot make a child; two women cannot make a child. This is a fact. Everyone alive today is the result of the union of a man and a woman. It is just simple biology, and the courts can't change that." 4

In reality, his statement is not completely true. It does take a woman to conceive a child. It doesn't take an entire man to conceive a child -- only one lucky spermatozoon. This is done very frequently in clinics throughout the world using artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization -- processes widely used both by same-sex couples, infertile opposite-sex couples, and fertilie opposite-sex couples who are aware that they are carryiers of serious genetic defects.

His attack on marriage by same-sex couples could be equally applied to terminate the marriages of the ten to 15% of opposite-sex couples in the United States who are infertile. 5 It might even be applied to additional opposite-sex couples who are fertile but who have decinded to not procreate. 5 During 2010, "childfreeness" is found among about 20% of the population. This is twice the rate that existed in the 1970s. 6

President Rick Scarborough of Vision America said:

"We're facing a real Constitutional crisis if the Supreme Court rules adversely from our perspective on same-sex marriage. For me there's no option. I'm going to choose to serve the Lord. And I think that thousands of other pastors will take that position ...[along with] hundreds of thousands - if not millions of Christians."

Scarboro has vowed to "serve the Lord" on marriage. But is the will of God actually opposed to same-sex marriage? This web site conducted a pilot study to determine whether humans can assess the will of God. The study involved volunteers praying to determine God's will on same-sex marriage. We determined that they cannot.

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Supporters of the Pledge:

Among the leading signers of the Pledge in Solidarity to Defend Marriage are, in alphabetic order:

  • Hon. Kenneth Blackwell, Former U.S. Ambassador to United Nations on Human Rights;

  • Pastor Paul Blair, Pastor Fairview Baptist Church and Founder of Reclaiming America for Christ;

  • Hon. Tom DeLay (R), Former Majority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives;

  • James C. Dobson, President and Founder of Family Talk Action, and founder of Focus on the Family.

  • Rev. William Franklin Graham III, President and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse;

  • Pastor John Hagee, a founder and Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX;

  • Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R);

  • Jerry A. Johnson, President & CEO of National Religious Broadcasters;

  • Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH);

  • Andrea Lafferty, President, Traditional Values Coalition;

  • Dr. Richard Land, President, Southern Evangelical Seminary; 8

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This topic continues in the next essay with this web master's comments on the Pledge

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References used:

The following information sources were used to prepare and update the above essay. The hyperlinks are not necessarily still active today.

  1. Pema Levy, "Even Anti-Gay Activists Predict Victory for Same-Sex Marriage at the Supreme Court," Mother Jones, 2015-APR-28, at:
  2. Forrest Wilder, "He who casts the first stone," Texas Observer, 2010-FEB-24, at:
  3. Brian Tashman, "Rick Wiles Warns Of 'Fireball From Space' If Supreme Court Strikes Down Gay Marriage Bans," Right Wing Watch, 2015-MAY-01, at:
  4. Leah Klett, "Christian Leaders, Including Franklin Graham and Mike Huckabee, Say 'We Will Not Obey' if Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage, Gospel Herald Society, at:
  5. "Infertility: Definition," Mayo Clinic, 2014-JUL-02, at:
  6. "Childfree," Wikipedia, as on 2015-MAY-16, at:
  7. "Pledge in solidarity to defend marriage," Defend Marriage, 2015, at:
  8. "Key signer of the pledge," Defend Marriage, 2015, at:

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How you may have arrived here:

Copyright © 2015 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance.
First posted: 2015-MAY-17
Latest update: 2015-MAY-17
Author: B.A. Robinson
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