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A list of mostly positive essays on the ReligiousTolerance.org web site

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Topics covered in this list:

bulletSpiritual topics
bulletReligious tolerance in the news
bulletReligious information
bulletLinks to ethical and religious WWW sites
bulletOther items

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Religious Tolerance

bulletWhat is religious tolerance?
bulletTimes and places of religious tolerance in the west
bulletLocal groups promoting interfaith dialog
bulletTest your religious tolerance
bulletTolerance in the Bible
bulletHow Christians view non-Christian Religions
bulletCathedral of the Pines from inclusiveness to intolerance and back

Statements on Religious Freedom and Tolerance

bulletWilliamsburg Charter on the First Amendment (1988)
bulletBy UNESCO, on the "Year of Tolerance" (1995)
bulletStatement by Pope John Paul II on the World Day of Peace, (1996)
bulletU.N. report on religious freedom in the U.S. (1998)
bulletBy the U.S. on freedom of religion in Europe (1999)
bulletBrief quotations about tolerance
bulletDeclaration of a Global Ethic (1993)
bulletExcerpts from "The Principles of a Global Ethic"
bulletReligious rights within the US military
bulletThe Amman Declaration on conflict in the Middle East

Spiritual Activities

bullet"Salem Day of Contrition," 1997-JAN-14
bullet"Religious Tolerance Day," Early FEB
bullet"National Day of Prayer," 1st Thursday in MAY
bullet"Sabbath of Support" in Opposition to Racism Late JUN or early JUL
bullet"Day of Remembrance" of the evils of slavery. AUG-24
bullet"International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church" 1998-NOV-15
bulletOnline Silence for Religious Tolerance, 1999-NOV-30 at: http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/silence4tolerance/
bulletThe "1000 Lamp Mandala Ceremony for Peace," DEC-10
bulletWorldwide prayer and meditation for peace DEC-31
bulletReconciliation walk: Christian apology to Jews and Muslims for the Crusades

Personal Statements on spiritual matters:

bulletDeclaration of Peace: A Neopagan statement of personal commitment to peace.
bulletSpiritual Freedom Pledge
bulletBeware the advent virus: Christian thoughts on joy, tolerance, and peace.
bulletThe Affirmation of Acknowledgment: A statement of inter-faith tolerance
bulletStatement by President Clinton on Religious Liberty (1995)
bulletA Thanksgiving statement

Fun Stuff

bulletA word list of world religions
bulletHumorous quotes from church bulletins
bulletHumorous religious quotes by children
bulletLove as seen by children
bulletChurches ad hoc, a photo essay which gives an offbeat look at churches in America

Other topics:

bulletFaith healing: Using prayer instead of medical treatment
bulletWhich is the true Christian denomination?
bulletWhat are the answers to fundamental questions? - where we came from; where we go after death, etc.

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bulletIntroductory topics:
bulletTruth: Is it absolute or relative
bulletMorality: Absolute or relative; what is it based on
bulletChild abuse & killing:
bulletHitting children as a form of discipline
bulletChildren being used as soldiers
bulletShootings in public schools
bulletEthical aspects of cloning
bulletTherapeutic cloning (creation of artificial organs)
bulletDenial of human rights of:
bulletPeople living in dictatorships
bulletGays and lesbians seeking marriage
bulletGays, Atheists, Agnostics and others in the Boy Scouts
bulletEmployment discrimination against:
bulletWomen seeking Ordination
bulletGays and lesbians
bulletPeople with disabilities, by the Canadian banking system
bulletEthics of war:
bulletLand mines
bulletFinancial compensation for Nazi slave laborers
bulletGovernments' complicity in the Nazi holocaust
bulletHuman sexuality
bulletChristian attitudes on sex and gender (Masturbation, homosexuality, abortion, ordination of women, status of women)
bulletYouth sexuality: sex-education, access to condoms, & pre-marital sex
bulletMedical topics:
bulletPhysician assisted suicide
bulletMedical treatment of pain: who gets it and who doesn't
bulletSlavery in Sudan
bulletOther material:
bulletThe extermination of Canada's Innu people
bullet"Hard Sayings"in the Bible: events considered immoral by today's religious and secular standards
bulletCapital punishment; the death penalty
bulletHate crime legislation
bulletHuman embryo & stem cell research
bulletReligious urban legends - contemporary beliefs that are hoaxes
bulletTruth: is it absolute or relative?
bulletOther essays being written. There is no shortage of topics.
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    bullet World data:
    bulletNumbers of members & rates of growth
    bulletReligious makeup of each country
    bulletHow many people go regularly to church, mosque, synagogue, etc.
    bulletBeliefs in the U.S. compared to other "Christian nations"
    bulletComparison of growth rates: Christianity and Islam
    bullet North American data:
    bulletReligious makeup of the United States
    bulletFaith Groups founded in the United States
    bulletReligion and U.S. presidential elections in the year 2000:
    bulletReligion and the presidential primaries 
    bulletLeading candidates on religiously based topics
    bulletLeading candidates on religious freedom
    bulletReligious policy of the incoming President & Congress
    bulletAbout God, Satan, heaven, hell, etc
    bulletAmerican attitudes about various religions
    bulletChristian attitudes about various religions
    bulletChurch attendance, divorce rates, etc.
    bulletRecent trends in U.S. Christianity
    bulletPredictions about the future
    bulletMagazine covering religious trends, mainly in North America
    bulletReligion and Canada:
    bulletReligious makeup of Canada
    bulletHow Americans and Canadians differ religiously
    bulletReligion and the year 2000 federal election
    bullet Data from visitors to this web site:
    bulletOpinion polls of our visitors
    bullet Comparing Religions:
    bulletWhat is "religion"
    bulletRange of beliefs in deity etc. 
    bulletShared beliefs in the "Golden Rule"
    bulletComparing Christianity and Islam
    bulletDifferent beliefs about creation and evolution
    bulletHow cults, sects and denominations differ
    bullet Religious terms:
    bulletGlossary of religious terms: [A to Z]
    bulletUse of religious terms in essays and articles
    bulletUse of secular terms in writing about "hot" religious topics
    bulletReligious holy days:
    bulletList of religious festivals, ancient and modern.
    bulletReligious calendars 
    bulletImportant holy days: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Baha'i Faith, Wiccan
    bulletCelebrations by various religions at the Spring Equinox, Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice.
    bulletMisc. topics:
    bulletQuotes: religious, philosophical & humorous
    bulletInter-faith marriage
    bulletCommon misconceptions about religions belief and practice
    bulletCharitable choice programs
    bulletGovernment vouchers for religious schools
    bulletSt. Nickolas (a.k.a. Santa)
    bulletCan prayer assess the will of God? - a pilot study

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    bulletReligious "Meta-links" and Mega-sites"  
    bulletReligious information  
    bulletReligious tolerance and intolerance  
    bulletTeaching tolerance  
    bulletReligious reform
    bulletInterfaith and ecumenical cooperation  
    bulletReligious freedom  
    bulletSeparation of church and state  
    bulletChristian individuals and faith groups:
    bulletNon-Christian religious individuals and faith groups 
    bulletAtheist & skeptic groups 
    bulletScience and religion 
    bulletTheological and other academic studies
    bulletSocial justice, Morality and Ethics
    bulletBooks, Magazines, Photos, Paintings, Sculptures
    bulletUsenet discussion groups, Mailing lists, Surveys
    bulletHumor and games  
    bulletOther topics - sites that defy classification
    bulletWWW utility sites

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    bulletMore information about our agency, its makeup, rules of engagement, funding sources and purposes.
    bulletOur budget for 1999
    bulletSearch facility for this site
    bulletOur most popular essays during the past week.
    bulletCiting references to web sites in high school essays, term papers, etc.
    bulletInternet Censorship: How we were temporarily banned in Boston, and in US schools.
    bulletSome comments from our readers (Warning: some are offensive and others are even worse: they contain really bad spelling!)
    bulletSome reviews of our site by various groups.

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    Latest update: 2002-JUN-18
    Author: B.A. Robinson

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