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Contents of the ReligiousTolerance.org web site:

Description of Christianity

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We have far more essays on Christianity than on all of the other religions and ethical systems combined. That is because about 76% of North American adults consider themselves affiliated with Christianity. The next larger organized religion, Judaism,  has fewer than 2%.

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Introduction (very important)

bulletDivisions among Protestant denominations
bulletDifferences between Roman Catholicism and conservative Protestantism
bulletHow Christians interpret the Bible


About the Bible:

bulletThe Bible: versions available; differences among versions
bulletThe Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament)
bulletStories of the Hebrew Scriptures
bulletThe Christian Scriptures (New Testament)
bulletBible passages about.... Abortion, Homosexuality, Intolerance, Public prayer, Suicide, Ten Commandments, Tolerance, Witchcraft, etc.
bulletBible prophecies
bulletTools for searching the Bible


The Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament):

bulletImportant dates in Jewish history
bulletContent, languages, translations of the scriptures
bulletDescription, author, date of books in the Hebrew Scriptures
bulletWho Wrote the 5 Books of Moses, the Pentateuch?
bulletWriters of the book of Genesis
bulletThe Ten Commandments; posting them in schools; possible updates
bulletHidden codes in the Bible:
bullet ELS codes
bulletTheomatic codes
bulletArchaeology and the Hebrew Scriptures


The Christian Scriptures (New Testament):

bulletDescription, author(s), date of each book in the Christian Scriptures
bulletTranslation errors and forgeries in the Bible
bulletVerses missing from the Gospel of Mark
bulletBible Inerrancy (freedom from error)
bullet"Biblical Criticism" of the Bible (analyzing the Bible as a historical document)
bulletThe Jesus Seminar (liberal theologians, studying early Christian writings)


Bible Searches:

bulletBible passages about.... Abortion, Homosexuality, Intolerance, Public prayer, Suicide, Ten Commandments, Tolerance, Witchcraft, etc.
bulletSearches for Bible words, and verses.


Christian personalities:

bulletPascal's Wager
bulletHow the concepts of God developed over the ages
bulletTheodicy: God and the existence of evil
bulletCan we determine the will of God through prayer?
bulletYeshua of Nazareth (a.k.a. Jesus Christ)
bulletDid Jesus exist?
bulletThe search for the historical Jesus
bulletThe possibility of Pagan material in the Gospels
bulletEvents in Jesus' life that people disagree about
bulletVirgin conception (a.k.a. virgin birth) of Jesus
bulletChristian views on Jesus' paternity and mode of conception
bulletThe Christmas story. The Christmas star, etc.
bulletWas he sinless while on earth?
bulletHis burial shroud: is it the Shroud of Turin?
bulletResurrection of Jesus: Did Jesus bodily rise again after he died?
bulletRapture: When believers rise up to meet Jesus in the sky; fact or fantasy?
bulletThe Virgin Mary, as seen by the Roman Catholic Church
bulletSaint Nickolas (a.k.a. Santa Claus)
bulletSaint Valentine


Christian History

bulletEarly Christian history, as seen by:
bulletRoman Catholics 
bulletProtestants (being written)
bulletMany liberal theologians and historians
bulletThe Jesus Movements (7 BCE to about 170 CE)
bulletThe Gnostic Christian movement (Pre-Christian to 5th century CE)
bulletThe Gospel of Q (circa 50 to 85 CE)
bulletLater church history (170 to 590 CE)



bulletEvangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church (USA), Reformed Church in America and United Church of Christ achieve full communion
bulletEvangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Episcopal Church may achieve full communion:
bulletRoman Catholic - Evangelical Protestant cooperation
bulletRoman Catholic - Lutheran joint declaration on the doctrine of justification
bulletRoman Catholic - Mennonite reconciliation talks
bulletRoman Catholic - Anglican reunion talks
bulletNational and international Christian umbrella groups
bulletNational Association of Evangelicals - National Council of Churches agree on joint membership
bulletCanadian Christian military chaplains cooperate
bulletBrief descriptions of other recent ecumenical developments


Relations between Christians and other religions

bulletHow Christians view other religions
bulletChristian apology for the crusades
bulletJewish-Christian Relations: 
bulletPersecution of Jews by Pagans and Christians
bulletWho is/was Responsible for Jesus' Death?
bulletAnti-Judaic Passages in the Bible (being written)
bulletBlood libel, ritual murder, host desecration and other anti-Semitic myths
bulletCurrent Attempts to Convert Jews to Christianity - Opposing Beliefs
bulletChristian apology to Jews and Muslims for the Crusades
bulletSouthern Baptist prayer guides
bulletMuslim-Christian Relations:
bulletChristian apology to Jews and Muslims for the Crusades
bulletPagan-Christian Relations:
bulletHatred and misinformation directed at Wiccans and other Neopagans
bulletOn the Internet
bulletOn radio
bulletJoint Christian-Neopagan environmental project  
bulletPolitical leaders demonstrating contempt for Wicca:
bulletThe 1st "Burning Times" award given to Governor Johanns (NE)
bulletThe 2nd "Burning Times" award given to Rep. Barr (GA)
bulletAttacks on Wiccans in the U.S. Army:
bulletChristian boycott against Wiccans in the military
bulletFamily Research Council essay about Wiccans in the Army


Christian Faith Groups:

bulletFamilies of Christian denominations
bulletIndividual Christian denominations
bulletThe Amish
bulletAnglo-Israelism; British Israelism; Worldwide Church of God
bulletThe Brethren (Jim Roberts)
bulletChildren of God
bulletChristian Identity Movement
bulletChristian Science
bulletThe Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints (Mormons)
bulletDominion Theology
bulletEastern Orthodox church
bulletThe Family (David Berg), Family of Love
bulletJehovah's Witnesses
bulletMessianic Judaism & "Jews for Jesus"
bulletMormons (Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints)
bulletOrthodox church
bulletThe Process
bulletQuakers (Society of Friends)
bulletReconstructionist Movement
bulletReligious Society of Friends (Quakers)
bulletReorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
bulletRoman Catholic Church
bulletSeventh-Day Adventist Church
bulletTwo by Twos ("The Jesus Way", "The Church with no Name", etc.)
bulletUnification Church
bulletUnity Church in Canada
bulletUrantia Book
bulletWhich of all the denominations is/are the true church?


Destructive, Doomsday Faith Groups:

bulletAum Shinri Kyo (Supreme Truth)
bulletBranch Davidians (Students of the Seven Seals)
bulletJeffrey Lundgren
bulletThe Family (Charles Manson)
bulletHeaven's Gate (Marshall Herff Applewhite)
bulletMormon splinter group (Jeffrey Lundgren)
bulletThe People's Temple (Jim Jones)
bulletSolar Temple (International Chivalric Order Solar Tradition)


What the Bible Says About...

bulletBehavior: The Ten Commandments
bulletCreation vs. Evolution
bulletDeath Penalty / Capital Punishment
bulletFaith healing
bulletLife after Death: Heaven, Hell, Sheol, Hades, Gehenna
bulletReligious Intolerance
bulletReligious Tolerance
bulletStatus of Women
bulletWhen the Earth was Created
bulletHard sayings: acts in the Bible that appear highly immoral by today's religious and secular standards


Christian Beliefs:

bulletGeneral topics:
bulletOverview of creeds and beliefs
bulletUS Opinion Polls on religion
bulletWhat Christians believe about other faiths
bulletSpecific beliefs:
bulletCreation or Evolution - which happened?
bulletDemonic possession and exorcisms
bulletDivorce and remarriage
bulletInerrancy of the Bible: Is it free of errors? Indicators of errancy
bulletLife after death.
bulletThe afterlife: What are Heaven-Hell like?
bulletPurgatory: What do Roman Catholics believe about it?
bulletLimbo: about unbaptized babies who die
bulletWhat happens to us at the time of death?
bulletThe temperature of Heaven and Hell
bulletMillennium: Competing beliefs about the end of our world.
bulletPurgatory: fact or fantasy?
bulletRapture: hoax or hope?
bulletResurrection of Jesus: Did Jesus rise again after he died?
bulletSalvation: Are some saved, and others lost? (lots of essays in this section)
bulletOverview, Satan in the Bible, beliefs about Satan,   
bulletDevelopment of the concept of Satan
bulletThe Ten Commandments: 
bulletWhat they say 
bulletShould they be displayed in public schools, etc?
bulletUrban legends - contemporary beliefs that are hoaxes
bulletVirgin birth of Jesus: Was Joseph the father of Jesus?

Christian Ethical Policies:

bulletHow denominations determine ethical policies
bulletSex and Gender Issues
bulletOrdination of Women (30 to 451 CE, and the present)
bulletMany more to come later


Religious Practices:

bulletSpeaking in Tongues



bulletFish, crucifix, cross



bulletBoy Scouts of America
bulletCell Churches
bulletHouse Churches
bulletPromise Keepers
bullet"See you at the pole" annual prayer meeting at public schools


Search Engines:

bulletChristian Search Engines and Directories


Holy Days

bulletSwitching the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday
bulletAll Saints' Day; All Souls' Day; Halloween (NOV-1, NOV-2, OCT-31)
bulletAttitudes of a variety of faith groups towards Halloween
bulletEvangelical Christian Beliefs
bulletHell houses, Judgment houses™ & Revelation walks
bulletNeopagan Beliefs
bulletHalloween Customs and Traditions
bullet"Razor Blades in the Apples" Hoax
bulletThe myth of Samhain: Celtic God of the Dead
bulletChristmas  (DEC-25).
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