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Test your religious tolerance

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How to take the test:

You know that many other religions exist in the world, some of which are very different from your own. This test will help you discover your level of religious tolerance towards three of them. It assumes that you are not a Hindu, Santerian or Wiccan.

This is a five pass test:
bulletPass 1: Write down the word "Hindu" on a sheet of paper. Read the 8 options listed below. Select the one which best describes your probable action if a person of the Hindu faith moved in next to your house or apartment.
bulletPass 2: Repeat the test, assuming that he/she is a Santerian. Assume that all you know about this faith is that it is a Caribbean religion whose followers ritually kill chickens and other small animals.
bulletPass 3: Read our essay on Santeria. Repeat the test.
bulletPass 4: Repeat the test, assuming that he/she is a Witch - a follower of the Wiccan faith. You have seen them dancing in a circle around an altar in their back yard under a full moon carrying knives and wearing robes.
bulletPass 5: Read our essay on Witchcraft. Repeat the test.

The test:

Suppose that a person of another faith has moved in next to your house or apartment.

Some of your options are to approach your neighbor and
bulletOption 1:
bulletAsk them to describe their religion to you; offer to describe yours to them, if they are interested.
bulletAsk them whether you could attend one of their services; invite them to yours, if they are interested

We believe that this is would exhibit religious tolerance; in fact, it goes beyond passively accepting a person's religion and actively promotes religious harmony in your community.

bulletOption 2: Ask them to describe their religion to you, and offer to reciprocate.
We believe that this also actively promotes tolerance.
bulletOption 3: Treat them no differently than any other neighbor; ignore your religious differences
This passively promotes tolerance.
bulletOption 4: Suggest that they should convert to your religion; express no interest in learning about their religion.
This expresses religious intolerance.
bulletOption 5: Forcefully suggest that they should convert to your religion; repeat this often; express no interest in learning about their religion.
This would be an annoying level of religious intolerance to your neighbor.
bulletOption 6: Tell your neighbor that this is a God fearing neighborhood, and that she/he should move on.
This would be a serious level of religious intolerance and harassment.
bulletOption 7: Organize your fellow neighbors to make life miserable for this person with the goal of getting them to move away.
This would be an very serious level of religious intolerance and harassment.
bulletOption 8: Take more direct action: vandalize their home or apartment; leave a dead rat at their front door; commit arson, shoot at their windows.
This would be an extreme level of religious intolerance and criminal harassment.

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Interpretation of the test:

By looking at the results, you will see how religiously tolerant you are in relation to three religions which are probably (to different degrees) very different from your own. Hopefully, you will see that you will become more tolerant of a group after learning details about their belief systems and practices. This is the power of education.

How to raise your level of tolerance:


  1. Making a conscious effort to move to a lower numbered option in the event that you meet a person of a different religion.
  2. Phoning up a mosque, temple, or church which is different from your own religion and asking whether they give tours of their facilities and/or a brief description of their beliefs
  3. Ask a friend or acquaintance of another faith if you could attend their next service or ritual.
  4. Ask a friend or acquaintance of another faith to join you at your next service or ritual.
  5. Read about other religions at this WWW site and elsewhere.

A series of tests on the Internet:

bulletTolerance.org, a Web project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, encourages people from all walks of life to "fight hate and promote tolerance." They have a series of free, confidential tests for hidden biases that you can take. Various tests deal with:
bulletSexual orientation,
bulletRacial bias against Arab Muslims, Asian Americans, Black & White children and adults,
bulletRacial bias associated with weapons,
bulletRacial bias based on skin tone,
bulletAge bias,
bulletGender bias, and
bulletBody image bias.

See: http://www.tolerance.org/hidden_bias

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Copyright © 1996 to 2008 by Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
Originally written: 1996-OCT-5
Latest update: 2008-JUN-16
Author: B.A. Robinson

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