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Thought provoking messages, quips,
cartoons, sayings, etc. Part 10

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Members of our companion Facebook page Facebook icon often post funny cartoons, though-provoking messages, spiritual passages etc. We have re-posted some of them here. Others, we pick up from spiritual and religious web sites on the Internet.

We generally have no idea from where they originate. If you are the creator of one of these messages or images, and want it changed or deleted, please Email us at: E-mail us about errors, etc.

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This is a continuation of a previous list of thought provoking sayings

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A truly obnoxious bumper sticker:

Bumper sticker re Chrisitans & Christmas

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Stephen Colbert and concern for the poor and needy:

Stephen Colbert

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Love thine enemies; it really makes them angry:

Command of Jesus

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Freedom of religion means freedom of all religions:

At first, I thought that the symbol third from the left on the bottom row was a portable phone.

Freedom or religion applies to all

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What does the CEO of your favorite charity earn?

CEO salaries of charities

For a listing of executive salaries of many children's charities, see: Some CEOs are making nearly a half a million dollars yearly.

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The Buddha recommends skepticism:

Saying of the Buddha

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More thought provoking sayings in the next list

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Latest update: 2012-FEB-15
Author: B.A. Robinson

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