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A ceremony for peace in Tibet
and the rest of the world

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Thubten Dorje Lakha Rinpoche, the Lama of Batang in East-Tibet, originated the idea of a simple ceremony to promote peace in Tibet and around the world. It is a project that any individual or small group could initiate in their home or city.

In 1997, T.D. Lakha Lama of The Tibet Charity in Denmark organized "The 1000 Lamp Mandala Ceremony" for Tibet in the cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark. The ceremony was held on Human Rights Day, DEC-10 and on the occasion of the conferment of the Nobel Peace Prize to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.

The Kashag representing the The Tibetan Government in Exile lit 1000 lamps for Tibet in HH Dalai Lama's personal Temple: Thekchen Choeling Tsuklakhang in Dharamsala on the same day. Many Tibetan exile communities in India and Nepal followed suit.

"In Denmark a poem about Tibet and its unique culture, probably written by a popular Danish author, Ib Michael, will be given to the passers-by. No political posters, flyers or speeches will be held. This happening will be a cultural event that will stand on its own, shining a light for Tibet and for peace in the world."

They appealed for people everywhere to join in the ceremony by lighting a candle in their window on 1997-DEC-10 at sunset - no matter "who you are, where you come from what you believe in, and what you like/dislike." Alternatively, groups of people organized a mandala or other symbol with 1000 or more lights in some public place, such as a church, mosque, public square, temple, etc. In total, more than 250 groups and individuals in 39 countries participated in this ceremony.

They hope to repeat this celebration on a yearly basis. They ask that people organize these ceremonies for 1998-DEC-10, to promote "world peace and for compassion for the many human beings that are oppressed by many kinds of darkness. On this day of human rights let us all unite and light a candle to illuminate the darkness."

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If you decide to join the ceremony, please take precautions to avoid fire. Curtains and a candle do not mix well. 1000 candles and flammable materials do not mix well either!

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World Appeal from T.D. Lakha Lama (1997)

To all:

I am happy to inform you that we are arranging: "The 1000 Lamp Mandala Ceremony" for Tibet in the cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen, Denmark and many other places on the Day of Human Rights, and Nobel Peace Prize day at: December the 10th at sunset.

The work has already begun in Aarhus and Copenhagen and other places, but I would sincerely appreciate interested parties to commence similar initiatives all over the World.

I know that it is impossible for many people to fully join in the ceremony. However, their participation and concern may be demonstrated if they would just light a candle and put it on the windowsill at the same day and time. The purpose is to lighten up the many years of darkness that have been oppressing Tibet.

The mandala format is flexible. It could be in two or three dimensions i.e. flat or as an erect structure. The choice is fully on the parties that take up the challenge.

I wish to thank all those who have sympathy for the Human Rights in Tibet.

Yours truly

T.D. Lakha, Denmark

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Compiled by B.A. Robinson

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