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We also have a list of religious intolerance news for this month. 
Sad to say, these are usually much longer lists.

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2005-DEC-09: UT: Muslim Scouting in Utah: The Salt Lake City Tribune published an article on 30-member Girl Scout troop #496 in Salt Lake Valley, UT. It is a predominately Muslim troop, with some Mormon members. Some Guides are American-born; others are immigrants. They come from Bangladesh, Egypt, Iraq, Laos, etc. Troop leader Shazia Faizi said: "We are living out our little adventure. I want them to have confidence in their religion, confidence in themselves." Other Girl Scout groups with a Muslim affiliation have been organized in California, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Virginia. There are 112 Boy Scouts of America troops chartered to Muslim schools or mosques. 1


2005-DEC-10: VA: Inter-faith prayer for hostages in Iraq:  Quakers and Muslims gathered together in the All Dulles Area Muslim Society Center in Sterling, VA, to pray for the safe release of four pace activists who were kidnapped in Baghdad in late November. Imam Sheikh Rashid Lamptey, the center's deputy imam, said: "Our friend Tom Fox said too many are willing to die for war, and too few have been willing to die for peace. In our history, people have said these words many times. Very few have lived these words." Paul Slattery, a Quaker who belongs to the Langley Hill Friends Meeting in McLean VA and a friend of Tom Fox's, one of the kidnapped victims, said: "Peace is the way to do things, and not confrontation and violence. There are better long-term ways of resolving differences." Afeefa Syeed, director of the Al Fatih Academy in Herndon, VA, said the prayer vigil "...sends a very clear message to Muslims and non-Muslims alike that we will form alliances for justice. We have to depend on one another for support." 2


2005-DEC-19: World: Beliefnet selects the most inspiring person of 2005: Beliefnet has chosen Victoria Ruvolo of Long Island as the most inspiring person of the year. She was the victim of a thoughtless act.

"A group of teenagers had stolen a credit card and gone on a joy ride with some of the items they’d bought. One of them thought it would be amusing to throw a frozen turkey into moving traffic. The turkey smashed through Ruvolo’s windshield, shattering her face and nearly killing her. Nevertheless, she showed mercy on the boy who threw the turkey. She told Beliefnet, 'I want to see him grow up and become a good part of society'."

She also said: "I don't believe in revenge. I've always felt that when you believe in negativity, you bring more negativity to you." 3

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Latest update: 2005-DEC-19
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